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How the Body Heals

What does your body mean to you? In this day and age, people are forgetting how precious there body is. Your body is your temple, the one thing that is solely yours. Therefore, it should be cared for intensely because, you only get one. There are no second chances when it comes to your body. When we think of a miracle, Jesus parting the Red Sea may come to mind. We spend our lives waiting for a miracle when the miracle is us.

The body is a very powerful force that is working every second of everyday. The process that occurs when a person gets hurt or becomes sick is a natural system of healing which takes place to avoid permanent damage to the body. The main component, as the body heals itself, is the immune system and the way it rehabilitates the body.

To begin, people are constantly exposed to toxins, chemicals, pollutants, and other harmful substances. When a healthy body is attacked by these invaders, the self-healing mechanisms of the body try to re-establish and optimize health. The bodies ability to complete this process depends on genetics and the amount of abuse the body has suffered. For example, if a person is using drugs there immune system is weak and therefore will not be able to fight off disease or infection as well as a healthy immune system would. This is why substance abusers are more suseptible to virus and disease.

The immune system is made up of two parts, the general or non-specific part and the adaptive or specific part. The skin is the most important component of the non-specific part of the immune system. The skin prevents pathogenic organisms from interfering with normal function. The nose, ears and mouth, which are the openings on the body, are protected from these organisms by mucus membrane also known as the cilia. This membrane is a part of the non-specific part of the immune system. The mucus membrane or cilia trap invading organisms of the body and push them back out, as long as they are working properly. Studies show, after years, cigerette and marijuana smokers cilia’s become paralyzed. Thus, not being able to fight off the invading organisms. The stomach and vagina are protected by acid which is another part of the non-specific immune system.

To continue, the immune system has another division called the adaptive, or specific division. This part of the immune system is able to produce antibodies through white blood cells. Each tiny antibody has two ends, a receptor and a marker. A receptor can spot a specific organism or substance. The marker, which is on the opposite end, fits into receptors. Antibodies attach there specific end to invading organisms and destroy them. For example, if you caught the flu, antibodies will attach themselves to the virus and destroy it.

In conclusion, your body will work hard for you and even has the power to heal you. But, this can only occur if you take proper care of it. There are no second chances when it comes to your body. Therefore, eat healthy, exercise and don’t abuse your body.