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How Staying Childless Affects a Womans Body

Just could not resist expounding on this subject. I am one of those women who experienced the years of extremely old fashioned methods of birth control. The prophylactic or condom has been, and is currently sold for the purpose of preventing Venerial infection or to prevent conception. I approached womanhood just prior to the birth control pill becoming the only viable way to prevent pregnancy, not to mention the only method of certainty, which was abstaining. Ironically, it was the birth control pill, I believe it was called Enovid, (something close to that spelling) was in the hands of my Gynecologist. She stood 5′ 7″, resembled every model in Glamor magazine, and it was she who by prescribing a pill used to prevent pregnancy, led me into the path of being not a little pregnant, but a lot. The irregularity problem in regards to my menses was an issue that did not cause me any difficulty for nine whole months. I still recall her words, “Take this pill for seven days, discontinue it for seven days, and your body will return to its regular cycle within a months time.” Wow, she was a genius, and did I mention she attended the same Catholic Church that my husband and I did. Irrelavent as you might think that was, I was paranoid, and believed she was part of an underground conspiracy helping indecisive Catholic women into realizing it was our duty to multiply, multiply, multiply.
Staying childless is the subject. I felt a need to address my personal reasoning behind knowing about both sides of this question. Physiologically our bodies fellow ladies is perfectly designed to carry a baby for nine months without difficulty, barring that exception to every rule, and yes, there are women who should not bare children. The reason could be psychological as well as physical. However, the majority of women are equipped to participate in normal reproduction. My opinion is that the only drawback for women to not reproduce is the high percentages of women that end up getting breast Cancer who are childless. Whether the cause is that the mammary glands are meant to function, and of course do not in the childless woman, I can not adequately answer that question, but it is fact. I worked with a 28 year old woman who was unmarried, and had both breasts removed due to Cancer, and there were numerous cases such as this that I have read about over the years. In the year 2000 there is little excuse for any woman not to have early detection of Cancer available.
We are a medically advanced society, aware, and prepared to diagnose breast Cancer, and through vigilance it is advisable that the childless woman be checked frequently by having a Mammogram annually. Otherwise, in my opinion the childless woman in my opinion will avoid many of the hardships that the rest of us childbearing women experience. A protruding stomach, stretch marks that often horrify our family members. My daughter at age 5 asked me, “Am I going to have a stomach like that someday, Mother?” I smiled and said, “No sweetheart I have been chosen to keep a map of all the McDonald’s fast food restaurant locations on my stomach.” Her eyes widened and she said, “If they go out of business, will the marks disappear?” I smiled, and said, “Kinda doubtful that’ll happen, don’t ya think?” “Yup, you’re right about that.” Needless to say, the childless woman will avoid the physical downside of pregnancy, the hormonal roller coaster should be less burdensome, however, there is the inevitable pitfall that all women face, those with or without children face Menopause. I do believe that there would be little difference for either childless or not women. The only issue that I believe will affect a woman’s body who is childless is one of Psychological proportions. Without expounding too much we have all met at least one woman in our lifetime that suffered immensely because of her compulsive desire to be a mother. There will always be a correlation between one’s mind, and the effects on our physical being. This type of woman who is driven to have children, and is unable to may just be the individual who faces suicide, or many forms of mental illness.
Somehow I keep getting visions in my head of a lesbian English teacher who taught the class I was in during my senior year of High school. She was thin, very pale complexion, obviously because she didn’t wear make-up, and she always had a bottle of coke on her desk which she used to take her Tylenol’s during class. It was several years later, but I remember hearing about her dying of abdominal Cancer. This is hardly applicable to adding up to a percentage of childless women, and their body differences. However, it is factually true that a lot of women who choose to be lesbians could be involved in a study of childless women.
My opinion is that women who have children suffer more illnesses than the woman who puts less wear and tear on her system. That is a personal opinion, but it is amazing what one can learn as we travel through life. Experience is such a marvelous teacher.