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How Smoking Affects your Heart

According to the American Medical Association, tobacco smoking causes twenty percent of all heart disease related death. One of the biggest dangers of smoking to the heart is Coronary Heart Disease, also known as CHD. This has two forms, angina and heart attacks. They both usually happen because the arteries carrying blood to the heart become blocked, usually due to some fatty substance. This process is known as atherosclerosis. Angina creates a severe pain in the chest brought on by work and released by rest. Heart attacks are due to the obstruction of a coronary artery. This is either due to a result of atherosclerosis or a blood clot, with the heart muscle being deprived of oxygen.
Cigarette smoking is known as the most important risk factor of CHD according to the US Surgeon General. Smokers usually has two to three times the risk of getting a heart attack than non-smokers. At least eighty percent of heart attacks occur in men under 46 due to be thought from cigarette smoking. Those who don’t smoke heavy also are at increased risk of CHD.
Smoking has a tendency to increase blood cholesterol. Smoke also carry raised fibrinogen levels and platelet counts, which subsequently makes the blood stickier. Carbon Monoxide then clings itself to this hemoglobin easier than it does to oxygen. This cuts the amount of oxygen available to the different tissues. As the Atherosclerotic continues, the blood will flow easily through narrowed arteries and the blood is more than likely to form a clot. This blockage can lead to a fatal heart attack or stroke.
Smokers also have a sixteen times greater risk of getting peripheral vascular disease, which is the blocked blood vessels in the legs or feet, than people who never had smoked. Smokers who avoid these warning signs and early symptoms but continue to smoke run the risk of developing gangrene.
Stroke goes without being fully explained, as smoking greatly increases the risk of a stroke. A form of cerebral hemorrhage is most common.
The last to mention and rarest form is called Buerger’s Disease, which is simply a very rare form of PVD. It is virtually always due to heavy cigarette smoking. It is made of an inflammatory condition of small vessels that leads to blocking the arteries and developing gangrene. Most who develop this end up with multiple amputations.