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How Rewards can help you to Reach your Weight Loss Goals

One of the greatest challenges when losing weight is staying motivated, especially if you have quite a lot of weight to lose. You therefore have to find a way to keep your motivation levels high, which rewarding yourself as you begin to progress along your weight-loss journey can enable you to do. It helps to have a goal in mind when you determine to lose weight, as it keeps your mind focused on your ultimate aim, while breaking this goal down into smaller chunks makes the weight-loss process more bearable, particularly if you treat yourself now and again.

It is obviously a good idea to reward yourself when you reach certain weight-loss milestones as such rewards act as positive reinforcement. Seeing the numbers tumbling whenever you step onto the scales and watching your trousers grow too big for you may be reward enough, but this may not keep you going forever.

You may feel healthier and more energetic as the weight falls off you, but you will no doubt reach a stage where the changes in your body are no longer as noticeable. It is at this stage that you may decide to give up trying to reach your final weight-loss goal and if you feel disappointed with yourself you might find yourself being drawn back into old, unhealthy habits.

You therefore need to associate weight loss with positive emotions so that you don’t look at eating healthily and exercising regularly as an inconvenience, but rather as an essential part of life that helps you feel good and which enables you to stay a healthy weight. As you’re losing weight it may be worth finding something that you really enjoy which has nothing to do with losing weight, but which is fun.

Perhaps you like the idea of go-karting or having a massage, but whatever it is you need to find something that gives you a mental boost.

If you’ve been able to do certain things because of your size, losing weight gives you an opportunity to try out new experiences and to really appreciate how far you’ve come. If you were unable to fit into the seats on a rollercoaster at your heaviest, shedding some of your excess weight will give you the chance to go to an amusement park without worrying about not being able to fit and being stared at. This will increase your confidence and encourage you to continue following your weight-loss program, as well as to keep the weight off once you reach your goal weight.

Losing weight could be seen as a reward for all your hard work, but sometimes you need something a little bit extra to keep you on the path towards weight-loss success, whatever it may be.