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How Restaurants Make it Difficult to Lose Weight

You love to eat out, but you’re on a diet. Unfortunately, those two factors are often on warring sides. It can be very difficult to stick to a diet while going out to eat. This occurs for a multitude of reasons.

Food from restaurants are often very unhealthy. Generally a restaurant wants you to enjoy their food. If that means putting some extra butter or cheese in it, then they will. They want you to come back because you find their food irresistible. Many times the fats, sugar and calories are what does this.

People do not realize how bad the food at restaurants are. You might eat the same meal that you cook at home. You might assume that since it’s the same type of meal that it will be the same calorie- and fat-wise. Often this is simply not the case. Because restaurants add so many unhealthy things to make their food delicious, the foods are typically a lot worse than something similar you can make in your kitchen. They may have hidden butter or other high calorie foods in areas where you do not put it.

Another big problem with restaurants is that they tend to give extremely large portions in the United States. They may fill up your plate with a portion that is literally three times the size of a suggested portion. You can easily get 1,000 calories or even 2,000 calories or more in a single restaurant meal. At home you may take much more reasonable portions. A lot of people will simply eat everything that is on their plate and may eat way too much at one meal.

Another problem occurs with buffet restaurants. You will have a wide array of food available to you, and a lot of people just want to try everything. As the food adds up so does the calories. You might feel bad throwing it away since you cannot use doggie bags at most buffet restaurants and thus will continue to eat even when you are not hungry.

It is helpful when restaurants have diet sections, but even this is not foolproof. These may have fewer calories than their counterparts but still be relatively high. Also, oftentimes the actual food has more calories than is stated.

Restaurants are not the best idea for those on a diet. Go sparingly and try to find one with low calorie offerings.