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How other Peoples Attitudes towards your Size can Affect your self Esteem

Your self-esteem tends to be shaped by how you believe others perceive you. In a world where skinniness is considered to be the ideal, failing to conform to this can leave you feeling unattractive and lacking in confidence. This is especially true if you have encountered negative comments from the people around you. Some people find they are picked on for being too skinny, but in most instances it is overweight and obese individuals who find themselves being ridiculed for their size, often contributing to their low self-esteem.

If you are permanently worried about going outside because you’ve been called many horrible names in the past when walking down the street, minding your own business, it can make it all the more harder for you to even want to step out of your front door. There are some people who won’t hesitate to be nasty to you, when you’ve done nothing to them, just because you’re larger than what they consider to be normal.

It is not just strangers who are likely to comment on your size, though, since people who call you their friend may make the occasional remark about your size without even thinking about how you feel. This may not always be their fault; especially if you play up to the larger-than-life joker in order to cover up with your insecurities. If they don’t realise your weight is a sensitive issue for you they may joke, and if you laugh along it simply reinforces their belief that you are fine with your weight.

When you’re overweight you can find yourself making assumptions that everyone finds fat people unattractive, and that you are always being judged for your size. This clearly isn’t true in all social situations, but if you are convinced that people are judging you for your size it can impinge on the way you relate to other people and your desire to engage with others when in social situations; it may even reduce your desire to be around other people.

Some people appear to be unperturbed by their size and have embraced the notion that big is beautiful, but these individuals are in the minority. Most overweight and obese people find their size is a barrier to them leading a completely fulfilling life, especially if there health is suffering and their confidence has taken a few knocks over the years, and thus they are constantly trying to lose weight. This may help, in part, with self-esteem issues, but the fact of the matter is, there will always be people who will judge you for your appearance, whatever your size, so that you have to find a way to be more comfortable in your own skin however big or small you are.