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How obesity effects children

Children are spending too much time staring at a computer screen, playing video games and watching television. They aren’t spending enough time playing football, running around and riding their bikes and spending time outside. Here is where the problems with obesity develop. Children aren’t responsible for their weight problems, it usually the parents fault. In order to change the problem it’s important for the entire family to change the way they eat and the amount they exercise. Obesity is a serious problem that leads to a number of health issues.

Cardiovascular disease is a common affect in children with obesity. With cardiovascular disease high cholesterol and high blood pressure are likely symptoms. Both place a lot of strain on the heart and can lead to heart problems later down the line. This can severely lower children quality of life.

Children who suffer from obesity are more likely to develop diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is a serious condition that needs to be treated your entire life. Obesity worsens the situation and can place children’s lives at risk. You can reduce the risk of developing diabetes by lowering your child’s body weight and getting them involved in sports.

Joint problems are almost unavoidable for obese children as well as adults. When the body is carrying too much weight it places a strain on the bones and joints. Osteoarthritis can occur in these cases and can become a very painful disease with time but it’s preventable if you make sure children maintain a healthy weight with regular physical activity.

Psychological effects also occur. Most children who live with obesity have self esteem problems. They lack confidence and are less social than children of normal weight. This can lead to further problems as they get older because they may not develop socially as well as they should. Confidence and self esteem are vital for healthy growth and development in youth. It’s important to solve the weight problem so children can grow up believing in themselves and having a positive body image.

In order to avoid heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and psychological disorders it’s important to take control of weight problem in children as soon as possible. Get the family involved by learning to cook healthy meals together and spend time staying active too. Organize days where you go swimming, cycling, walking or kayaking. Sign your children up for extra curricular sport to develop their physical skills and help them lead a healthy and rich life.