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How Obamacare will Impact your Family Physician

President Obama’s re-election have made it pretty obvious – there will be no repeal of Obamacare, as Mitt Romney had planned. Instead, the health care system will continue to work fairly similarly to how it had been for the past couple of years. While many people are in support of Obamacare and it’s effects, there are also a lot of people who believe that it is not the best choice for our nation. This system may have its benefits, but it will impact many people in a negative way – and the worst of it goes to those that we go to for help – our doctors.

Obamacare will have several effects on physicians. The system basically gives doctors a choice: either be payed less while seeing more patients, or stop treating Medicaid patients. This is because, in about a year, Obamacare will add many more Americans to Medicaid – 19.6 million, to be exact. Private insurance also pays 44 percent more than the pay for Medicaid physicians.

Another problem that this system will cause to physicians is the trouble with the Sustainable Growth Rate formula, which threatens to cut doctors’ payments every year. To prevent this, which would cause issues with senior access to health care, Congress passes something called a doc fix every year. This has been happening for almost nine years, and since it costs billions of dollars, it is continuing to lower doctors’ payment.

Obama’s health care system also creates a board of fifteen people called the Independent Payment Advisory Board, or IPAB. The board’s job is to look for ways to cut costs in order to meet a new targeted budget. They have the options of lowering physician and doctors’ payment even more, and/or limiting the access given to seniors for specific services and treatments.

Obamacare is also causing another huge problem. Results of a survey showed that 43 percent of doctors are being motivated to move up their retirement in the incoming five years, all because of Obamacare. This is because many doctors don’t like the system, and its effects on the entire medical field. A lack of doctors was expected in the next eight years, and Obamacare may speed up the process.The healthcare system has many rules and regulations as well, which are expected to ruin the relationship between doctors and patients.

All these factors make Obamacare quite questionable: is it really the best plan for our nation, or can we find a better solution that will keep everyone’s interests in mind?