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How Exercise can Reduce Depression

If you have or are prone to depression, then you might want to consider exercise. There are a variety of ways that this can help reduce this potentially serious condition, including the following ways.

It can help release beneficial hormones

Much of your mood may be linked to different hormones. Exercise can help release some of the hormones that can make you feel better and may relieve some of the symptoms of depression. A lot of people find that they feel much better just by exercising even when nothing else has changed. Also, a lot of times you will find that this effect can last for a while and not just only for the time that you are actually exercising.

It may help you lose weight, which may be making you feel depressed

A lot of people are overweight, and many are obese. Oftentimes people feel depressed by how they look. They may not like what they see in the mirror. They may feel tired and have difficulty doing anything physically active because they are so overweight. They may also suffer from self-esteem. All of these things can help contribute to depression. Exercise can help you lose weight. As you lose weight, all of the above issues will improve. You may start to look better and then feel better about yourself. Other people might notice and you might feel proud about yourself as they make flattering comment. You might do better in social situations because you might feel more confidence and others may think that you look better. You may get more energy and feel like you can do more fun things as well. Instead of a spiral down, it may be a spiral up and you may feel less depressed.

You may feel happier that you are doing something to help your health

Exercise has a number of health benefits. You can lower your blood pressure and your risk or stroke, heart disease and a number of other serious conditions. You may feel good about yourself that you are doing these things to help yourself.

It may help you get out your stress

A lot of people get depressed because they get overwhelmed by stress. Some people find that exercise helps relieve some of this stress.

If you are depressed, you may want to consider adding exercise to your daily activities. It is good for your body, but it can be good for your mental health as well.