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How Exercise can Counter Weight Gain

If you want to counter the effects of weight gain and lose a few pounds so you can get back to a normal weight for you, you may want to think about taking up exercise. Although there is a great deal of focus on diet as a way of losing weight, exercise really shouldn’t be overlooked, as it is one side of the weight-loss coin. Obviously, you have to ensure you burn more calories than you consume – which reducing your calorie intake can help with – but so, too, can increasing the amount of physical activity you do. Maybe you’re extremely lazy, but at least if you do some exercise you could speed up your weight loss.

After all, if your exercise routine consists solely of going into the kitchen to get some food, you’re not likely to be burning many calories. The chances are you have a job where you sit at a desk all day before coming home to spend more time sitting down. Of course, to lose weight you can reduce your calorie intake, but you have to cut it quite significantly if you burn hardly any extra calories. The body needs a certain number of calories to function, anyway, but by doing exercise you can increase the number you are able to consume quite significantly.

It is hard to work out exactly how many calories you burn when you exercise, as everyone is slightly different and your weight, the intensity with which you exercise and the kind of exercise you do will all have some bearing on this figure. However, there are plenty of online calculators which give you some indication of the number of calories you burn doing different activities. By running for an hour a day at a moderate pace you could burn over 600 calories if you weigh 158 pounds, for instance. That means you can have a bar of chocolate containing 300 calories and still have burned 300 extra.

It doesn’t even matter what kind of exercise you choose to do, as long as you do it on a regular basis, since there isn’t much point taking up a sport if you’re only going to play it a couple of times a month only to abandon it altogether soon after. You have to get some exercise at least five days a week and try to do half an hour each time, otherwise you could jeopardise your weight-loss chances, especially if you don’t adjust your calorie intake enough to reflect the fact that you’re not doing any exercise.