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How Deciding to Compete in a Sport can Motivate you to Lose Weight

It can be difficult to stay motivated and committed to losing weight as it will take time to reach your final weight-loss goal. If you’ve decided to take the sensible route and lose between a pound and two pounds a week, then it sometimes takes quite awhile to see a difference, depending on how much weight you need to lose. However, deciding to compete in a sport can give you extra motivation to stick with your healthy eating plan and to exercise regularly as you want to prove that you have improved your fitness enough to be able to take on other people of a similar ability.

Sometimes it is not even really other people that you are competing against; but rather yourself. You want to push yourself harder; to go faster; to be able to go further, and it just between you and the clock. Deciding to compete in cycling time trials means your training is going to require you to focus on increasing your speed and your distance so that you can get a faster time than your competitors. You not only need physical strength, but also a tenacity and determination to keep yourself going when you are very much in side your own head.

It is clearly a different situation if you are running a marathon or half-marathon and you are surrounded by other competitors so that you can assess what others are doing around you and either follow or lead. You still need to train, though, and usually the training will involve you establishing your own training schedule and following it, as well as eating a diet that complements your ability to compete. Your main goal may be to lose weight, but deciding to compete in a sport means getting your diet right is even more important, if you want to be able to push yourself to the limit. You don’t want to find yourself struggling to finish a race because you have not taken enough fuel on board.

By deciding to compete in a sport, whether individual or team, you want to be able to perform to the best of your ability, and so it usually helps to lose a few pounds, especially if your chosen sport requires a significant amount of endurance. The lighter you are the fewer pounds you have to carry around with you, making it easier to move quicker and for longer. When you want to win it makes it easier to commit to losing weight, as you know it is going to improve your performance markedly.