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How Cycling can help you Feel more Upbeat about Life

When you’re on a bike ride you’re usually having such a good time that all your worries seem to fade away, as you simply concentrate on the scenery and on breathing in the fresh air. It might be hard work climbing hills, but you experience a sense of accomplishment once you’ve reached the top and then you get to enjoy speeding down the other side. Cycling is only ever going to offer you a temporary solution to your problems, as whatever is stressing you out will probably be there when you get back, but cycling makes you feel that you are better prepared to cope.

Thus, if you want to feel more upbeat about life there are worse things you could do than get on your bike. Life can be stressful and if you don’t find a way to deal with your problems you could find yourself becoming depressed, something which regular exercise can help alleviate. It is essential that you exercise on a regular basis for the sake of your health, anyway, since this is the best way to reduce your risk of having a heart attack or stroke and of developing heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

If you choose to cycle regularly it should also be easier for you to avoid weight gain, which is a good thing for your mental well-being as well as your physical health, since being overweight can often lead to low self-esteem. Thus, cycling can make you feel healthier on the inside and look better on the outside, which means you won’t have to get stressed out about your health or appearance. If you look and feel good it is much easier to stay positive and upbeat about life, rather than succumbing to melancholy.

Not only do you feel more alive when you’re on your bike you also feel the effects of a bike ride afterwards, as chemicals are still pulsing around your body making you feel more energised, alert and happier. When you’re left feeling positive about life after going on your bike it is not surprising if you end up wanting to go cycling again and again so that you are able to experience the natural high that you get on a regular basis. This can only be a good thing, since your heart and your mind will be thankful that you’re choosing to ride your bike rather than drinking or eating too much to try to deal with your stress and anxiety levels.