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How being Overweight Affects your self Confidence

Your appearance is very important, not only to the outside world but also for yourself, because if you don’t like your body and you feel irritated when you look in the mirror or when you get dressed, you will constantly be depressed and ashamed of yourself.

However, the criticisms of people around you, their attempts to make fun of you because you are overweight, and their rejection, are even worse than your own conclusions about your shape. You feel desolate.

If you are not happy with yourself, you’ll never be self-confident. This means that you have to do something to acquire self-confidence and live happily, instead of passively accepting being depressed, because you are not a common person with no problems.

Nothing is easy. Of course you have tried many times to stop eating, or you may have visited the gym a few times, sweating there as much as you could, but the positive results you needed never came, and then your routine and all the temptations and necessities of life made you forget about putting an end to the problem of being overweight.

There are so many problems in human life.

Besides that, you have tried many diets, going hungry for long periods, but just when you started losing a few pounds, something happened and you couldn’t be loyal to your diet anymore. You needed time to cook your special meals and they were never enough for your empty stomach, which was used to being filled with a bigger quantity of food. You started feeling sick.

What you need in order to get out of this dilemma is determination. You have to make a plan and tell yourself that you are going to follow it no matter what, because you will never feel fine if you are not happy with your appearance.

This means that this time you’ll take the diet seriously.

When you are not able to follow it exactly, try eating the least quantity of food possible, and choose what has low calories.

If you want very much to eat chocolate or something else that you are not supposed to, eat a little bit of it, and then cut calories from your next meals. Try to keep balance.

In the beginning you will feel weak and depressed with your suffering, but at least you will be suffering for a certain period of time, in order to attain your goal. This is different from suffering forever because you never manage to lose weight.

You’ll feel better as you manage to control your appetite and eat less, obeying your diet, and exercising regularly.

After getting in shape, you should never stop caring about your weight, but try to keep the same rhythm of life you are following, and paying attention to the calories of each food you eat.

This restriction is sad and you’ll tend many times to disrespect it with melancholy thoughts because you are missing the tasty food that give you so much pleasure

Each time such thoughts come to your mind, think about how horrible you felt when you were rejected or when you couldn’t find anything nice to wear in your size.

You cannot attract a boyfriend or girlfriend, you don’t have friends that like being around you, and you are afraid of everyone’s reaction when they meet you for the first time.

Instead of concentrating your attention on the food you are missing, think about how self-confident you’ll feel after managing to get thin and remain this way, without facing all the restrictions you had, because of your exaggerated weight.