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How a Life of Moderation can help keep Weight off

We all know deep down in our hearts that weight gain is caused by eating more calories than we burn. It’s a very simple formula, if you eat more, or eat foods with more calories, you gain weight. If you don’t, you don’t. That’s not the hard part, of course, the hard part is abstaining from eating more calories than are burned, or avoiding those foods that pile on the calories. This is where moderation comes in.

In its simplest form, moderation is the act of using the least amount necessary to get the job done; applied to food, it means eating just enough to sustain your existence. You don’t eat more than you need, nor do you eat less than you need. It also applies to the choices of food eaten. Eating foods high in nutrients and low in sugar and other non-essential ingredients is counter-productive and thus, not necessary in a human diet. Also, it has been shown that the human digestive system works at its best when given a steady supply of fiber, thus, eating foods with high fiber content, such as vegetables and fruits, keeps are innards happy and humming along without complaint.

Looked at this way, it makes little sense to spend time and money obtaining foods that go against what are bodies want, and then consuming them for no other reason than momentary pleasure.

If we were all logical beings, none of us would have weight issues. Unfortunately, we are not. We are caring, feeling, dramatists, constantly in search of the next fix. We want things that make us feel good; that taste good or soothe the palette. We want more than sustenance, we want to live free and do exactly as we please every moment we are able, and dam the consequences.

Unfortunately that approach isn’t working for a lot of us either.

Again, this is where moderation comes in, because learning to live a life of moderation isn’t confined to our food choices. It applies to our partying and drinking habits, or how long and how much we play video games or watch television. It applies to how much we put into our jobs and our relationships.

In short, a life of moderation applies to virtually aspect of day to day life.

The reason people reach for a more moderate life is because they’ve come to see that the life they are living is one of anxiety and fatigue. After spending so much time trying to balance what they eat with choices good and bad, or fighting with friends or family over personal choices, or putting so much into certain areas of their life, they find they have little left over for the good stuff. The fun stuff. The stuff that we are supposedly doing all the other stuff to obtain.

To put it simply, leading a life of moderation allows people to relax and quit obsessing over things that don’t matter, so that they can focus on those things that truly do. And in so doing, things begin to balance, including body weight.