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Hoodia for Weight Loss

Searchers of the miracle pill that can make weight loss a walk in the park certainly heard of Hoodia Gordonii and its presumptive capacity of suppressing hunger. The main challenge for anybody trying to get rid of extra pounds is to give up eating, as there are too many goodies surrounding us for our own good. The idea behind the ads telling you Hoodia Gordonii is ‘the thing’ deals exactly with this secret wish: take this pill and you will not feel hungry for hours on end. It sounds so good. But is it true?

Scientific background

Hoodia, or Hoodia Gordonii, is a plant resembling cactus, that grows naturally in the Kalahari desert. Studies have shown that bushmen in the area consume the plant when they go on long hunting trips. The harsh conditions impose them to stay unfed and without water for a few days, and this little plant is the only one that helps them in their endeavor. Right now, I guess everybody reading this sees clearly why Hoodia for weight loss may not sound like a scam. Of course, the next question is related to how exactly the bushmen survive without food or water for so much time, just by chewing on this plant. The answer stays with the active ingredient in Hoodia Gordonii, p57, that was only years ago isolated and patented as a hunger suppressant.

Tempting, yet …

Pharmaceutical companies have tried to use this scientific discovery in order to develop a weight loss pill based on the active ingredient in Hoodia Gordonii. If you are asking: “well, where is this miracle pill?”, the answer is “about all over the place”. There are pills, tea, and powders claiming to be based on Hoodia Gordonii and to be the end of your search for the right weight loss product. But most of them are counterfeited, and little do have indeed pure Hoodia Gordonii in them. And, like this is not enough to keep you away, no studies were published stating clearly the miracle effects of Hoodia for weight loss. Not that they have not been undertaken. They were carried out, but their results are not officially supported, even if it seems that intake of Hoodia can determine a young adult to consume less calories each day – about 1000 calories less than the normal intake – , enough to ignite pound shedding right away.

What’s the deal?

Apparently, there are still unknown factors staying in the way of claiming Hoodia Gordonii the weight loss winner. It may be true that bushmen in the Kalahari desert use it, but this does not mean that this eliminates risks for your health. They do so because they are forced to by the extreme environment they live in. It also seems that products for weight loss based on Hoodia Gordonii can cause liver problems, and, even if there is not yet clear evidence to support this claim, the fact that they are not FDA approved should make you think twice whether you want to use such products or not.


If you still want to try Hoodia, you should be aware of the risks. See your physician about this, and take a closer look to your health while you follow a diet based on Hoodia. Also, be aware of the counterfeited products and search for a reliable source, unless you want to let yourself tricked out of your money, which it’s hardly the point. Monitoring your health while taking Hoodia is a sensible advice to give, seeing to the controversy surrounding this miracle fighter against extra pounds.