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Honesty is only ever with ourselves

Truth has no form within God. Honesty is truth’s form or blueprint for our soul. When we are ourselves we are being honest. Honesty is always only ever in the end being honest with our own selves.

Love is honest within its own truth. All truth is only ever the honest truth. That said however dishonesty exists, but it has no part in truth or love except for what you give to it. God’s love is no longer then a complete truth or a complete love for you when you have allowed dishonesty to colour the truth in any other way.

When you have no honesty left, this also means that you have no dishonesty left. Attaching yourself too much to trying to be too honest, unbalances you and moves you towards dishonesty as you begin to justify your own untruths as truths. You feel that you are only being honest, but you have left love and its real truth behind with your labelling.

When only truth and love alone are left, love lives in its own truth, and then follows only the honesty that it also knows and honours as an integrated inbuilt part of itself. True honesty is never to be found from outside of this complete and fullness of pure loving.

Everything in your life serves you when you are being totally honest, and yet honesty is not a label of approval being only stamped on you from your own mind. It must be lived by you from your heart. Living from the heart from love stops these contradictions that are living in our minds from taking hold, and thus slowing down our own growth through losing the fullness ever so slightly of who we can so fully only ever be within our own hearts.

Self diagnosis, knowing ourselves must not be an exercise in semantics and so only wasting then our energy that should be being spent loving ourselves and all others.

Honesty is action taking place from your heart. It is love loving truly, and you need never do nothing else. When you work honestly from truth, it will lead you then to even greater truth. When the truth lives within you, it connects and pulls you towards all other truth.

The honest person can never lose anything from being honest. The dishonest person loses himself, and in the process loses all else as well in the end. Love who you are and honesty follows, straining to be who you are is really a subtle form of dishonesty.

Honesty lives within the heart connecting to the mind as wisdom. Live from this honesty coming from the heart to live from the wisdom in your mind. Don’t try to live the other way around by trying to be honest only as your mind thinks that it wants to be, and so overlooking the love in your heart that is naturally truthful, but never pushes itself onto others even in the guise of honesty.

Honesty is the tenacity of following your whole person with complete integrity and with unrelinquishing earnestness but kindly still from the fullness of a complete love.

Love is honestly portraying itself as the picture of God that you are. When you see this picture honestly and allow it to be displayed from you and within you as it really is, this is being honest. Whenever you try to portray another picture of yourself other than this true representational drawing of you from God’s own pen, you will then tend to distort the image being given to the viewer, and so they do not see the full picture of who you really are.

This is spreading falseness and planting a picture of dishonesty into other minds from the dishonesty in your own mind. When all of this is being allowed to happen by you, a certain integrity of your being is lost within the fullness of connection that is always possible to be made when living from only the total honesty of true love.

Dishonesty is distorted truth seen through the eyes of not love, but from the ego wanting to have its own way over the heart.

Nothing is ever more honest that being who you are, and so being your real self. Honesty is a permanent part of who you really are.

Do we have to examine ourselves in any way to be honest with ourselves, or are we really only examining the areas where we are not being totally honest enough already? True honesty perhaps never asks any questions.

Love is honesty living in you as you. When you do not love, you are being dishonest both to yourself and to God and to all other souls as well. Dishonesty never stops at just deceiving itself, it always affects all else and all contacts that it makes. All is connected at all times.

Honesty respects this connection of love enough to try to be totally honest at all times. Honesty then leads us to self examine and to know ourselves intimately, and so that we are always aware of the very moment that we move away from living from this total love, and from being totally honest within us, as us being totally only us.