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Home Remedies Heartburn

Everyone has at least one food that they love that gives them heartburn. If you’re being tortured by heartburn and discover you ran out of heartburn medication there’s no need to worry. Try these home remedies before you run out to the store to find relief.

1) Natural honey can reduce heartburn and acid reflux because of its antioxidant, antibacterial, and antiviral properties. Take two teaspoons of honey orally without diluting or heating it. The honey will create a protective lining on the esophagus and help ease your heartburn.

2) Baking soda can also reduce heartburn. Put two teaspoons of baking soda in a tall glass. Fill the glass about half way with cold water and stir. Drink the whole glass at a moderate pace and enjoy the relief. Note: using this remedy creates sodium in your body. If you have a history of high blood pressure or heart problems consult your physician or try a different remedy.

3) Chamomile tea is usually used for relaxation but it also helps with heartburn. Heartburn and acid reflux can cause unwanted stress which makes the heartburn even worse. If you have some chamomile tea at home boil some water and let the tea seep for 10 – 15 minutes. Drink the whole glass without burning yourself. The warm chamomile will let you relax soothing the heartburn.

4) Ginger tea, tablets, or Ginger Ale. Ginger tea will work the best, just make some tea and carefully drink it. Ginger Ale will also work as the bubbles/fizz and ginger will help reduce heart burn. Ginger is also great for fighting a cold, flu, and even pain because of its anti- inflammatory properties.

5) Warm Milk and Honey. This is a great remedy if you’re having trouble sleeping. The warm milk will help you relax while the honey will help with the heartburn. Warm a glass of milk either in the microwave or on the stove and stir in two teaspoons of honey. There is little scientific evidence that warm milk helps one fall asleep. It is more of a psychological effect that reminds us of our infancy which some people find relaxing.

6) If all else fails or you don’t have any of the items available at home you still have some hope. Try to keep your head elevated as lying down will cause the acid to go up your esophagus and make the heartburn worse. Sleeping on your left side will also help reduce the heartburn as it helps digestion while sleeping on your right side makes things worse.

7) A tall glass of cold water. It will wash down the acid and bring some relief though it might not help at all.

The best home remedy is to basically avoid foods that cause heartburn, but who could say no to that tasty slice of pizza or two pound burrito. If you continue to eat the foods that give you heartburn try the remedies to see if they work for you.