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Home Remedies for Bladder Infection Treating Bladder Infection

Did you know that women are more prone to developing bladder infections than men? The reason being is that the tube leaving the bladder is shorter in women than in men.

Bladder infections are first noticed as frequent urination. If you have frequent urination with severe pain or burning this could be a sign of a bladder infection. Cloudy urine or only passing small amounts are also signs of a bladder infection.

Bladder infections are one of the most common infections and half of all women get a bladder infection sometime during their lifespan. So what causes a bladder infection? Bacteria is the main cause, and a bladder infection is just bacteria in the urine, but the infection still burns and stings which makes it very uncomfortable for those of us who get a bladder infection.

Now how do you treat this annoying and painful infection?

Lots of fluids: one for comfort and one for health. The longer your urine stays in the bladder the more your chances of an infection are. So drink plenty of liquids to help flush out the bacteria causing your infection.

Hot baths may not get rid of the infection, but it is great for the pain associated with a bladder infection. Hot baths are a useful tool whenever pain and discomfort and inflammation is involved. It’s just great therapy.

Another good idea is taking vitamin C. The reason being is that vitamin C is not toxic unless consumed over a 1,000 miligrams. Vitamin C will help fight the bacteria in curing the infection thus ridding you of the bladder infection.

Going to the bathroom before and after sex also helps with a bladder infection. The reason is that going before helps flush out bacteria that might otherwise be pushed into your bladder during sex. Doing this after sex is because most women who are sexually active develop a bladder infection more often then those not active. Going to the bathroom washes out the bladder and pushes any bacteria out of the body thereby helping prevent an infection.

Use pads instead of tampons. This has not been a proven effective measure, but hey it couldn’t hurt.

Good hygiene is essential. Keep yourself clean, you must bathe to remove bacteria in your perineal regions. But too much cleaning can be bad . Douching constantly can both introduce bacteria and will rinse away the normal non-infectious bacteria present in our body naturally.

These are just a few tips to help prevent and treat a bladder infection.