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Home Cures for Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids happen when the veins inside the anus gets inflamed. Hemorrhoids can show inside or outside the anus. Outside hemorrhoids occur when the veins are so inflammed that they force their way outside the anus opening. They are painful and sometimes if they are bad enough will bleed. Anyone that has ever experienced hemorrhoids can attest to the fact that it is not the most pleasant thing to go through. The blood vessels become swollen around or inside the anus causing extreme discomfort in some cases. In some cases people will seek medical help while others find relief in home remedies that can help the one that suffers from this ailment. Here are some home cures for hemorrhoids.

The causes of hemorrhoids

The causes of hemorrhoids are many and perhaps more frequent in those women that are pregnant. Of course there are other reasons for hemorrhoids such as being constipated, a low fiber diet, lifting heavy objects, constant diarrhea and some foods that just do not agree with your tummy. Whatever the cause the results can be the same which is pain, pressure and in some cases bleeding. There are many ways to help yourself if you are suffering with hemorrhoids.

Helpful figs

Perhaps the most help will come from figs. If you purchase dry figs you will have to soak them overnight. Figs are best taken on before you eat in the morning. This is a sweet way to help if you suffer from hemorrhoids as most people enjoy eating figs.

Mango seeds

Mango seeds are extremely helpful if your hemorrhoids are bleeding. With Mango seeds you have to dry them out and crush them into a powder. This powder can be taken with honey if you find it too hard to take alone. The recommended dosage is two grams a day

Help from your garden

If you grow white radish in your garden help is only a few steps away. You can also use white radish purchased at the local supermarket. Add white radish to your diet and if you find that you do not care for the taste of white radish mix it with a little honey. You can also drink white radish juice to help with your ailment. It may be well worth the effort.

White radish can also be used as an external application. Make a paste of white radish and milk and apply it to your hemorrhoids. This should help reduce the swelling and ease the pain.

Sesame seeds

Sesame seeds are easy to consume in fact there are many people that love them. Sesame seeds are also good for hemorrhoids. Mix approximately 20 grams of sesame seeds with 500 ml of water and drink it down. The benefits for hemorrhoids are well worth it.

Hemorrhoids can be very debilitating at times. Some people suffer from hemorrhoids frequently. If you have not found an answer to this discomfort try some of the home cures for hemorrhoids above. It may be just what you are looking for.