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Hidden sugars wreak havok

Hidden sugar is something many people do not think about when they are concerned with their health and losing weight. Eliminating sugar from our coffee is an easy step that many people take and are aware of. This can also save our teach from our cavities and our pocketbooks from dental bills. There are many products on the market which contain a lot of hidden sugar. Some of them we may not even suspect. Some products might not contain actual sugar, but it has a high glycemic index. Our body breaks it down and converts it into sugar. This can wreak havoc on our weight loss goals and overall health.

We are aware of the fact that sugar is very bad for people with diabetes. Sugar is also known to cause cavities. There are an endless number of health related issues which sugar does not help. Cancer is one complaint that we do not hear about very often. Many people continue to consume a variety of products with out any awareness of how much sugar they contain. We can find many sugar substitutes at the health food store, but this takes a lot of time and thought to seek them out. There are various sugar substitutes which can be used which have fewer health related consequences.

The 2 best sugar substitutes are stevia and xylitol. Both of these products are natural. Stevia is a herb from South America. This herb is a sweetener which is very popular in Asia. There was stevia which was used to sweeten diet coke in Japan until they decided to use the standardized recipe. Stevia has zero calories and can be used in many things. It has a slightly unusual aftertaste. This is not true of xylitol. Xylitol can be mixed with stevia to help improve the flavor.

Xylitol is a wonderful natural alternative to sugar. Dentists recommend it because it strengthens your teeth. It helps reduce plaque. It tastes exactly like sugar, but has only one third the calories that sugar has. There is a company which manufactures products which use xylitol instead of sugar. This can be purchased at health food stores. This company is called Xyla. They produce ketchup and jams with xylitol as the sweetener.

In the grocery store there are several products which are extremely high in sugar. We will not notice them right away. It is obvious that cake, cookies, and ice cream contain sugar. One can of regular cola typically has the equivalent of 10 teaspoons of sugar in it. We consume much more sugar than our dietary intake allows. Most people consume too much sugar. Cutting it out of your coffee isn’t enough. Soft drinks are definitely one big culprit for high sugar intake. What are some of the other products we need to avoid?

White bread is very high in glycemic content. It should be cut out of your diet if you wish to lose weight. There are several carbohydrates which should be eliminated or reduced significantly. White rice is another culprit for hidden sugars. Sushi is full of white rice and is not considered a good diet food. White potatoes are often a source of starch which quickly converts into fat. This is something else we should cut out of our diets. There are many products with sugars on the labels.

Many sugars will be called by a different name. Just because sugar is brown doesn’t mean that it is any healthier. This is a misconception that many people have. We need to be very conscious of our food choices if we want to live a healthy lifestyle.