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Herbs Thyme Oregano Cooking Health Winter Cold Flu Garlic Pepper Cough Congestion

There are many health problems associated with winter – congestion, low immune system, mucus, colds, flu, etc. One of the best ways to heal yourself naturally of wintime sicknesses is to prevent them.

Vitamin C

Easting lots of fruits and vegetables with vitamin C is a great way to prevent getting sick anytime of the year. It helps to produce white blood cells, antibodies, and increases ‘interferon’, which is the outside coating of blood cells that can help to prevent viruses from infecting them. Vitamin C also helps raise good cholesterol levels and people with diets high in this vitamin have been shown to have lower rates of certain cancers.


For a long time, thyme has been shown to be an effective expectorant, enabling a person to cough up whatever is in their lungs. Adding more thyme to food or drinking thyme tea is a good idea to get more of this herb. Inhaling the steam from thyme and hot water is like inhaling a natural vicks vapor rub – it will help to loosen mucus. Thyme is also considered antiseptic, so this can also help in getting rid of pesky germs that can make you sick.

Licorice Root (not the candy)

Licorice root has been shown to possess antiviral properties against serious diseases, such as SARS and HIV. It has also been shown to be antiseptic and a great expectorant, which may help to loosen mucus.


Chewing on garlic can immensely boost your immune system, and has been shown to actually help people to get over colds and the flu quicker. Garlic was once known as a ‘male cure all’ in ancient Greece, as it has antiseptic properties, helps with digestion, helps with coughing, and many issues typically associated with men (including prostate cancer).

Sage, Rosemary, Oregano

In addition to thyme, these 3 herbs have been used for centuries to treat the flu, colds, and breathing problems. All of these are antiseptic herbs, and can be drunk in teas to loosen mucus, help digestion, and help with upset stomachs. A great way to make sure you get plenty of these herbs is to eat pizza or spaghetti, where you can add as much as you like.


Peppermint has been shown to have the power to help sore throats, ease troubled stomachs, relieve headaches, and much more.


Honey can ease sore throats and can work wonders on every part of your body, inside and out.

Black Pepper (or red pepper)

Pepper has been shown to possess antiseptic properties and antioxidants. Eating enough of it will force your body to sweat more, thus requiring you to drink more water, warming you up, and enabling your body to get rid of some of the toxins near the skin. This could include bacteria, viruses, or even leftover nicotine for smokers. It also helps to improve blood circulation.

There are many herbs, and foods, you can eat or ingest to keep your body healthy, especially during the wintertime. Usually, it’s a very good idea to follow the food pyramid and to add in as much fresh or dried herbs as possible.