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Herbal Teas used to Aid Sleep

Most people are likely to experience trouble sleeping at some point in their lives. While some people turn to prescription medications, others prefer natural teas which can promote better sleep. There are numerous teas to choose from, each providing a single or blend of herbs which may aid sleep.

Chamomile tea is a fairly well-known variety of tea. It is herbal, and therefore, naturally caffeine-free. Chamomile is a herb and is in the same family as the daisy. Unless a person has certain pollen allergies, chamomile is a safe tea for consumption.

When used for sleeplessness, a cup of chamomile tea should be consumed 30-45 minutes before going to bed. Chamomile helps the body relax and can provide just enough of that relaxation to help ease a person into a better sleep. This tea works well for a single night, and does not need to be consumed regularly to work better. For those suffering from mild insomnia, chamomile tea may provide relief. All of chamomile’s relaxation and sleep benefits stem from chrysin, which is a flavonoid.

Chamomile tea can be purchased in tea bags or loose leaf tea, which can include whole chamomile flowers. There are also blended chamomile teas, which offer a different flavor experience. One such blended tea which contains chamomile is called Sleepytime and is made by Celestial Seasonings. It is a blended herbal tea used to promote sleep. It also contains spearmint, lemongrass and other herbals, which helps with the flavor properties of chamomile. There is also another version called Sleepytime Extra, which contains valerian root.

Valerian is a plant in which the root can be used to promote sleep by acting as a natural sedative, and has been used since the times of ancient Rome and Greece. Through scientific evidence, valerian root has shown promise in improving the quality of sleep as well as reducing the amount of time it takes an individual to fall asleep. Unlike chamomile, valerian root teas seem to provide the best benefits when taken nightly for several weeks. Single ingredient valarian root teas can also be found.

Another brand of tea, Bigelow, also provides several sleep aid-type teas. One is Sweet Dreams and is an herbal tea composed of chamomile, hibiscus, and mint. The other ones provided by Bigelow are flavored chamomile teas such as mint, lemon, and mango.

Yogi, another wellness tea brand, also blends teas for relaxation and sleep aid. Their Bedtime tea blends chamomile, valerian, and other herbs formulated to work together to ease anxiety, promote relaxation, and aid in better sleep.

For individuals seeking something different in the herbal tea department, lemon balm tea can be looked into. Lemon balm isn’t actually lemon, but rather, an herb, although it does have a mild lemon scent and taste to it. This ingredient is sometimes found in combination with chamomile or valerian root, but alone, promotes relaxation.

Often, the scent of lavender is associated with relaxation. The same principal goes for lavander tea. The dried flowers can be brewed into a tea to produce a calming effect.

There are numerous brands and varieties to choose from when seeking an herbal tea to aid sleep. There are blends as well as single ingredients, all with the same idea to help calm and relax a person, and even provide a mild, natural sedative effect. As there are a few potential risks associated with any herbal tea for wellness, it should be discussed with a medical professional if an individual suffers from certain conditions, or takes medications.