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Healthy Winter Eating Strategies

It may seem hard to eat right in the winter, but there are plenty of healthy winter eating strategies to keep you on the right track. The winter is a tough time for eating healthy because many fruits and vegetables are not in season, which makes them expensive. This article will discuss several healthy winter eating strategies.


Winter is a season when you will find yourself attending many holiday parties and dining out more often. Snacks can help you avoid over eating at parties and restaurants. Eating a small healthy snack before you go to a party or restaurant will curb hunger, and it will allow you to make a healthier choice of what you are going to consume.


It is harder and more expensive to eat fresh vegetables during the winter months, but that’s why soup is made for winter time. Soup is easily made using canned or frozen vegetables, and it can be a very healthy and hearty meal. Soup can be made quickly and easily in a crock pot, and it is a nutritious meal that will warm you up during the cold winter months.


Coffee, tea, and hot chocolate are a favorite during the winter because they give you a warm cozy feeling, but these drinks can easily add on calories and decrease in healthiness when you add sugar and milk to them. Try going black with your coffee or tea, or cutting back on the sugar you add. Fat free milk and healthy hot coco mixes will also provide you with nutrients without the bad stuff.

Winter Bounty

Apples, pumpkins, and root vegetables are all available in the winter, and these vegetables can play a wonderful role in your winter eating strategies. Experiment with these varieties and enjoy healthy eating in the winter.


Another strategy for eating in the winter is warm winter grains. Whole grains are a healthy way to add fiber to your diet, and eating whole grain breads is a healthy option. Another delicious way to eat healthy grains in the winter is by eating oatmeal, bran meal, or other warm grain dishes. You can add fruit to these dishes for a sweet treat as well as added nutrients.

The winter does not have to be a time of weight gain, and there are many strategies that will help you eat well in the winter. Try these ideas and you can have a healthy winter eating plan.