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Healthy Vacation Tips

A focus on health and well-being is extremely important when you plan a vacation for yourself and your family. One of the major reasons that you take a vacation has to do with improving your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health, individually and collectively. Remember that your vacation should be a health investment and with that in mind, consider the following ways to stay healthy on vacation.

Health assessment

Before you and your family head anywhere on a vacation, whether you plan to go overseas or stay in your own country, have a health assessment done. It is important to know that you are all healthy enough to travel, that you have received appropriate immunization for your destination and you will going to be able to obtain any medications that you will need.


Do you have a well-motivated, positive and constructive attitude towards your vacation? A vacation should be a happy time, with everyone showing excitement and enthusiasm in respect to traveling and staying healthy while on vacation.

Travel destination

Choose your travel destination carefully, ascertaining that it will be mutually acceptable to everyone. You may need to check for travel advice ahead of time, if you plan to go to a part of the world where there are existing health problems.

Standards of health care

Be alert to the existing health care standards of the place where you plan to vacation, as these can vary considerably from country to country, or even in different parts of your own country. Just because you vacationed some place a number or years ago and it seemed a healthy part of the world then, does not guarantee that it is still a healthy place to vacation. Discuss your plans with a travel agency, particularly if you are heading into a foreign country, or an unfamiliar location closer to home.

Be properly prepared

Being properly prepared for a healthy vacation means having what you need for your proposed vacation available and accessible, as you travel, as well as in the vacation destination. Location can be everything! There are basics you will need for yourself and your family including appropriate vacation facilities, clean water and healthy food. Safety is also a major factor when it comes to staying healthy on a vacation, so be prepared in terms of the availability of first aid measures.

Healthy transportation

One of your major concerns when on vacation is that of having appropriate transportation for yourself and your family, wherever you plan to go. You may not really want to expose yourself or other family members to huge crowds of people in busy cities, airports, hotels or restaurants. Where there are large crowds, there is increased exposure to unhealthy scenarios, like different kinds of highly infectious illnesses. You might want to avoid crowded subways, planes and ocean liners too.

Health care documents

The health care documents that you carry with you on vacation are extremely important, particularly when you travel outside the country. Make certain that you have individual records for yourself and each family member, as well as for pets that you take with you. When you are on medication or if you need medical devices, health care documents may be required. You may also need extra prescriptions, if you plan to be on vacation for a long time and are likely to need refills. Remember that medications may not be available everywhere you travel.

These are only some of the basic ways to stay healthy on vacation. Ideally, you should be able to return from your vacation healthier and happier than ever.