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Healthy Snacks for Preschoolers

Mental alertness requires proper sleep and proper nutrition. When young children begin their academic journey, they need to start out on the right foot. Preschoolers need to have healthy snacks at their disposal so that they can get through their day effectively. The habit of healthy eating needs to be fostered early, so that it can become a habit, and may lead to an overall healthier child.

Preschoolers need all of the fuel that they can muster in order to keep their attention focused and their health intact. Preschoolers love snack time, and this is a crucial portion of their day. Healthy snacks are far better for everybody than the empty calorie snacks that the grocery stores and commercials would have you believe are an essential part of a nutritious day.

The healthiest snacks for preschoolers should be those that the child will eat. If you try to send healthy snacks that the child will not eat, and will discard in the garbage, the purpose will have been defeated. As a parent, or as a provider of snacks at preschool, thought should be put in to the snacks that are served.

A healthy snack to serve to preschoolers should be quick and easy. The best snacks are those that are not deemed to be good for you, for these quickly fall by the wayside. Healthy snacks include;

Fruit – fruits are extremely valuable for the nutrition of a child. Preschoolers tend to love apples and oranges. If these fruits are served already sliced, there is a far greater chance that they will be consumed. Apple slices served with a dollop of peanut butter provides plenty of protein and energy which can serve the preschooler rather well.

Vegetables- Carrot sticks and celery sticks are very popular amongst preschoolers. When served with a dip, these snacks can disappear in a hurry. The dip should be carefully monitored so that it does not defeat the purpose of the healthy snack. A light dip, or a fat free dip are best.

Cheese and crackers – this staple amongst preschoolers is tried and true. Cheese and crackers provide preschoolers with plenty of energy. The health benefits of this snack are well documented, and as such should be included in preschool snack time.

Yogurt – there are many different varieties and flavours of yogurt, and they for the most part are quite healthy. A quick check of the ingredients and nutritional information will let you know if you are buying your preschooler a healthy snack.

Granola bars and apple sauce – these preschooler favourites come in a wide variety of flavours and styles, and they are far better for your preschooler to eat than some of the other processed foods that have been laced with preservatives, salts, and sugars. These snacks come in conveniently neat packages, and many young children in preschool will be fooled into thinking that they are getting a junk food snack.

Preschoolers need to be healthy, as it will help them with their academics, their emotional well-being, and their overall health. Teachers and parents should monitor preschooler snacks to ensure that each child is receiving a healthy dose of the food guide, and not just being fed empty calories.