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Healthy Skin Diet and Skin Vitamin Deficiency Vitamin a Dry Skin

Whether you are considering beginning a diet or are happily reporting weight loss; consider looking closely at your skin for signs of imbalance or vitamin deficiency. It is important to provide and maintain a balance of healthful foods for your body and skin to flourish. If there is an imbalance, your skin may be the first to alert you.

While the intentions of weight loss may begin with your health in mind, all too often, the health of the body i0s left quickly behind when time is constrained. A piece of bread, plain rice, or a diet of “skipped meals” can often seem easier than one filled with nutrient rich balanced meals. Before approaching your next meal, consider what you are putting in your mouth, may end up on your face!

The outer most layer of our body acts as a filter of toxins both coming in to the body and going out of the body. Not only are applications of moisturizers and make-ups absorbed and filtered through our systems but foods and liquids taken into our body are filtered out. This is most often in the form of sweat and oils. This is one of the body’s greatest natural cleansing systems.

If you have changed your diet to a healthful nutrient rich diet, it will include fresh fruits and vegetables, which are rich in vitamins and antioxidants. These antioxidants not only prevent disease but also help to slow the aging process.

Vegetables such as cucumbers, with skin soothing components, and tomatoes, with anti-inflammatory components; are an easy add to any diet. While eating them raw provides the most antioxidants, lightly cooked in soups, stir frys, and added to any noodle or rice dish will add a variety of other vitamins as well. Other vegetables and fruits that have a direct affect on the healthy appearance of the skin include foods rich in Vitamin A such as asparagus, papaya, peaches, spinach, and pumpkin.

The skin also can send signals to us to let us know when the body is out of balance. Such signals will inform of vitamin deficiency, dehydration and the existence of a toxic environment.

The most common universal symptoms to be alert for include:

o Acne

o Eye sties (pimples in the lids and around the eye area)

o Dry skin

o Pale skin

o Eczema

Any one of these symptoms can flag a vitamin deficiency. To prevent such a deficiency, supplement your diet with a multivitamin complex. Often, a vitamin deficient body can lead to a serious health condition. If the onset is sudden or seems severe, a doctor visit is highly recommended.

If the diet contains too many oils, toxins or not enough water, the skin will object and may break out in pimples, white heads or build up with oils and create black heads. Considering all meals, try to eliminate deep fried foods, foods with too many preservatives, and artificial additives of any sort.

When dieting, the affects the foods you eat have on your body are apparent. Creating a diet filled with fresh fruits and vegetables, plenty of water, and by supplementing with a multivitamin, the skin will be a reflection of the healthy beauty you are creating within.