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Healthy Lunch Box Ideas

Why is it often assumed when looking at lunch box ideas that only children take lunch boxes to school? What is wrong with adults taking lunch boxes to work? The benefits of taking a lunch box to work are numerous but, principally, they are less expensive than purchasing lunch each day and we can fill them with delicious and healthy ingredients as opposed to the less than so meal we would be most likely to have served up to us in the canteen or local fast food outlet.

So what do we put in our lunch box? Here are a few ideas to get you thinking. Use them, adapt them, or simply take the principals and come up with your own ideas from scratch.

Fresh Vegetables with Shrimp Dip

Take a couple of tbsp of low fat soured cream and mix it with some chopped shrimp, one clove of minced or crushed garlic and a pinch of fresh or dried dill weed. Mix it thoroughly and place it in a small tub with a lid. Wash some stalks of celery, a carrot, and take a 4″ length of cucumber and quarter it length wise, all of which can be used to dip in to the sauce. Add a couple of tomatoes to the box and perhaps an apple and/or a banana for afters.

Salad Sandwich with Olive Oil

Take a soft, French style bread loaf and slice it in half horizontally. Mix one tbsp of extra virgin olive oil with a clove of minced or crushed garlic and some torn basil leaves. To the bottom of the loaf, add a layer of fresh rocket leaves, followed by some sliced cucumber and sliced tomato. Pour the olive oil along the inside of the top of the loaf and complete building the sandwich. Wrap tightly in clingfilm and add to your lunchbox. Add a small tub of low fat fruit yoghurt as a dessert.

Pasta with Bell Peppers

Boil some pasta shells, drain well and add some chopped red and green bell pepper. Add a little olive oil and seasoning and some torn fresh basil leaves. Stir well and place in a tub with a lid. Take some fresh fruit for later, perhaps as an afternoon snack.

Egg Rice Salad

Hard boil one egg, peel it and chop it. Mix with some cooked rice, finely chopped onion and finely chopped red bell pepper. Season and place in a tub. Warning: make sure the mixture has cooled completely before placing the lid on the tub or you will release a most unpleasant odour when you later open it!

These are but a few healthy suggestions for an adult lunch box and there is one potential sundry benefit. Perhaps your five year old will want to be “a man” like Daddy and take a similar lunch with him to school!