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A healthy person may not feel that pizza is something that would be detrimental to your health, and most likely it wouldn’t have any real effect on someone with really good health. But as good as it is, it does pose a risk if it is consumed often, and although not life threatening to those with good health, it can diminish your health over a period of time. Almost any food that has the same levels of unhealthy ingredients can diminish ones health, but there again, anything in moderation is okay unless you have a low tolerance for some of the ingredients in the meal.

Pizza has a high level of everything that could cause problems for those who may not already have the best of health, so in that case, pizza can be very unhealthy. However, there are those shops that have a delicate balance of ingredients whereas the pizza is not as loaded with tons of fatty oil and cheese. Even the crust can be of a light variety so that everything altogether, is much less of a health risk than the average pie.

I will not sit down and eat a pie unless I’m satisfied that it meets my particular taste, and I’m very particular in that way because I do not like to gain weight eating something that is high in calories that doesn’t make my taste buds sing.

I have found that after a lifetime of eating pizza at the better shops, I have never developed any health problems related to eating pizza, and I doubt that it would have any effect on anyone else who doesn’t have a lack of tolerance for the ingredients in pizza. Some are not able to consume dairy products, and of course pizza does have a lot of cheese, so it goes without saying that it would be very unhealthy for a person with that kind of a problem consuming dairy products.

I really don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t eat pizza, because ever since I was a child, I remember my older brother taking me out for a good old fashioned tomato pie with extra cheese, and I just could never have enough. However, I could easily avoid eating it if it were not really good, because a mediocre pizza is about as palatable as two day old Chinese buffet food.

I did write an article under the topic “who makes the best pizza” in case you would like to know who makes the absolute best on the east coast, and as a connoisseur of great pies, I have been patronizing the establishment for over twenty years, and I travel a half hour to get there. So it has to be good to go through the trouble of taking a half hour trip just to get a pizza.

All I can say is that they make the healthiest of pizza because everything is fresh made, and they do not skimp on quality when it comes to the ingredients. When you think of it, pizza is a simple basic recipe, but it is one of the hardest of recipes to get right, and if you don’t believe me, just scout around and see how many ways some shops can make a bad pizza.

I can eat two large whole pies without batting an eyelash at this place I speak of, but I can only consume about two or three slices if I just wanted something local whereas the pie is of a poor quality. I guess in one way, a great tasting pie is “unhealthy” to a degree, and I say that because we tend to overeat when something is so delicious that we just can’t have enough of it.

So enjoy as much as you like, because I’ve never found any evidence that pizza would be bad for your health, and there are much greater risks from other foods out there, so that being the case, I give pizza a clean bill of health.