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Healthy Eating with Low Carbs

If you’re asking yourself if and how to start a “low carbohydrate” diet, then take into consideration your overall health and how the change in eating habits can affect your entire life. Your energy level, career and even your love life will have the propensity of changing when you eat differently. Keep in mind carbohydrates are an excellent source of fuel to help your body stay active, so obviously you will need to replace them with alternative food choices.

One great example of a diet reducing carbohydrates is the famous “Atkins Diet”, which has been around for over 60 years. Atkins has influenced millions of people with healthy alternatives and basic science for nutritional benefits. Here is a quote taken directly from their website:

“Today, there are over 80 studies that highlight the positive weight loss results and other health benefits associated with following the Atkins Diet. These benefits include weight loss, improvement in risk factors for heart disease, hypertension and diabetes, inflammation, benefits in treating epilepsy and decreasing obesity in children and adolescents.”

The body will change itself into a different metabolic state when you restrict carbohydrates. This state is called, “ketosis”. This simply means the body begins to burn its’ own fat for fuel. Your body will pull energy from ketones (carbon particles of fat storage). While the body goes into ketosis, a person feels less hungry, which more than likely less food will be eaten. It’s very important to seek a physicians health, especially if you are more than 25 lbs overweight.

You want to make sure you’re getting the nutritional needs for your health because carbohydrates have vitamins A, B1, B2 and C, which are important elements for your brain, heart, kidneys and other organs to function properly. Reducing your carbohydrates to around 100 calories per day will allow you to benefit from those vitamins at the same time of reducing your fat intake. Protein can be a substitute for low carbs, however be sure to choose high fiber proteins such as, whole grains, veggies and fruits. You would be losing the fat and reducing the chance of cancer and other diseases.

Here are some reported benefits from people who have reduced their carbohydrate intake daily:

Weight loss at a steady pace
Increased energy
Emotional state more controlled
Less impulse of over eating
Mental concentration

The benefits are enormous and the overall picture is your body becomes more efficient and healthy. There are many diet fads on the market today. It’s important that you research any changes that you will drastically make to your eating and exercising routines. Exercise and eating correctly can be as simple as lowering your fat and taking a walk once a day. A healthy life starts with small changes.