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Healthy Eating Breakfast on the go

In our fast paced society, the most important meal of the day has been delegated to sweet or high fat convenience foods, a cup of coffee or worse nothing at all. There doesn’t seem enough time in the morning to prepare a healthy meal that will kick start your day and sustain you until lunch.

Unfortunately, skipping breakfast or not properly nourishing yourself as you begin your day has some negative side effects.

One, once you do get a chance to eat you’re prone to eat more and make poorer nutritional choices.

Two, it slows down your metabolism and creates a feeling of sluggishness, that a lot of people use artificial substances like caffeine to overcome.

With a little forethought, you can prepare a fast and easy breakfast to take with you on the go.

The key, as with so many other things, is preparation.

In as little as a half hour the night before you can prepare a healthy alternative to that fast and easy danish and cup of joe.

Instead, try making your own muffin sandwiches or breakfast burritos.

You not only control the fats used to prepare the sandwich itself, you can also control your ingredients. Opt for egg substitutes or egg whites, lower fat cheeses and lower fat meats such as Canadian bacon. Get creative! Use vegetables in your burritos like onions, peppers and chilies. Make your own salsa or pico de gallo to give it an extra kick and boost your vegetable servings for the day.

You could also make your own fruit smoothies. Using fresh fruit like strawberries, bananas and the wonder food blueberries, you could mix it in with some unsweetened yogurt and have a refreshing and energy boosting drink on the go full of calcium and important vitamins. You’ll no longer need that double latte full of calories and caffeine; instead you’ll be fueling your body with a natural source of energy.

You could also add flax seed to your smoothies, a natural vegetarian source of Omega-3, as well as fiber.

For those extra busy days where you don’t have enough time to prepare your meal ahead of time, there are many cereals that provide a lot of your daily nutrition as well as a good serving of fiber. Whenever you check your labels at the grocery store, try to find those which offer at least five grams of fiber per serving.

Instead of adding sugar, add fruit. This will provide additional nutritional benefit to your meal.

You could also use fruit as a cornerstone to a healthy breakfast. Adding a source of protein like cheese, yogurt or egg can help you feel fuller and last longer in between meals.

If you simply must get your breakfast on the go, avoid the typical pitfalls of heavy fat laden selections or large portions. Instead of getting a large bagel, opt for a smaller one. Same with muffins. When ordering a sandwich, choose that lower fat Canadian bacon or ham over sausage or bacon. Or compromise by eliminating the egg or cheese. Go for fruit and yogurt over sweet pastries that only leave you feeling horrible mid morning with a sugar crash.

We live in a super charged world and you have a lot to do in your day. Set yourself off to a good start by fueling your body with a super charged, healthy and quick breakfast.