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Healthy Diets Alternative Foods Meatless Substitutes Vegetarian Foods Vegetarian

People concerned with diet, fitness and health, usually place far too much emphasis on calories. The consumption of excess fat also plays a vital role in our diet and can be a much deadlier factor than calories alone.

For many of us, a good hearty breakfast helps get our day started. This meal usually includes a healthy portion of bacon, which unfortunately, contains high amounts of saturated fat and cholesterol. We sometimes make these preferences because taste dictates our dietary needs, rather than useful common sense. This can definitely be a recipe for disaster in the long run.

In order to stay healthy and productive, we have to make changes that may be a tad less appetizing, but far more beneficial to our overall health. These small sacrifices which may seem trivial now, can become much more important to us as we grow older.

Fortunately, for those of us that are health conscious, we now have alternative meatless foods available, that are tasty, healthier, and much lower in fat and cholesterol. One of my favorite breakfast staples are, Morning Star Farms meatless bacon strips. If your a true bacon lover you may want to give these tasty morsels a try. They are 100% vegetarian, delicious, and the sizzle, taste, and aroma is just as appetizing as natural bacon, without the excessive fat, calories and cholesterol. In fact, two slices of these bacon strips contain only 4.5 grams of fat, compared to 16 grams of fat in cooked pork bacon. They are also completely cholesterol free.

These strips also make great sandwiches for lunch. If you crave a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich, simply make it substituting the veggie strips for pork bacon. And they are also very convenient. You need only brown them in a skillet on the stove for a few minutes, and they are ready to eat. They are veritably greaseless, so cleaning of your pan or skillet is effortless and easy. Overall, they are quick and easy to prepare, and clean up is fast and simple.

There are also other meatless substitutes on the market that includes hot dogs, and burgers. All of these are very healthy, low in fat and cholesterol, but some like the burgers, may have to be seasoned, to make them more appetizing for people attempting to make the initial transition to veggie based alternatives.

I have recommended these alternatives to many of my family and friends, who now enjoy the benefits of eating healthy, without the excess calories, fat and cholesterol. For those of us who care about our diet, fitness, and longevity, these simple substitutes can go a long way in providing us with a lifetime of health and happiness. Go for it! You will be glad you did.