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Healthy Dieting with Dairy Products

If you want to lose weight the best way to do it is to eat a healthy well balanced diet, rather than go on a diet. Healthy diets include dairy products, alongside fresh fruit and vegetables, healthy whole grains, and fresh food choices which provide vital nutrition. Dairy products are often looked upon with suspicion these days as there have been so many myths abounding regarding them. Often there is such an overload of food misinformation that it’s easy to fall for the alleged dangers of some foods.

One notable piece of misinformation which was perpetrated lead to a large segment of society willingly choosing to use dangerous partially hydrogenated oil products which are now acknowledged as the sure way to heart disease. The myth of course was that margarine was healthier than butter, when in actual fact they are both completely unhealthy when laden with saturated fats.

It is easy to follow a healthy diet containing dairy products by checking the nutrition labels. Olive oil is the healthy alternative to both butter and margarine, and if you really like to spread things on your whole grain toast then olive oil spreads are available.

Cheese is another dairy product which is high in saturated fats, but depending on which cheese you have a taste for you can check the fat levels before purchasing it, and thus make an informed decision. There is no nutritional gain from a slice of individually plastic wrapped processed cheese which is the only contact some people have with cheese, as it is found in a fast food burger.

Calcium is an essential part of a healthy diet and the best source remains milk. The healthy choice for weight loss is to simply replace full fat milk with skimmed milk which still contains high calcium levels, and if you don’t like milk then you should seek an alternative calcium source or take a supplement.

Plain milk does lend itself well to being disguised, as a home made banana smoothie tastes completely different to milk alone, and others who dislike milk find it tolerable if made into a hot chocolate drink. You can opt for dark chocolate which has many antioxidant benefits.

Yogurt is a most excellent healthy dairy product, as it is a live culture containing healthy bacteria which is so good for the digestive tract. There are yogurts which have been messed around with and had artificial sweeteners and food colorings added, and end up as a runny unhealthy choice. Make your choice a thick fat free Greek yogurt which is additive free and you will discover what real healthy yogurt is. They are perfect to incorporate into a weight loss plan as satisfy your hunger for longer.

It is hard to avoid eggs as they are used to produce so many things, from baked products to mayonnaise. It makes much more sense to use fresh eggs yourself than pick up a pre packaged cake containing egg yolk powder.

Eggs themselves are a nutritious wonder of versatility and only become unhealthy when fried in trans fats or butter. It is obvious that a fresh egg from a chicken which roams around freely is going to be far different to an egg from a battery farmed chicken which spends the day cooped up. A simple boiled egg is perfect for dieters as is filling and nutritious.

Dairy products really can provide so much calcium, protein and other vital nutrients that it makes perfect sense to incorporate them into a healthy balanced diet which can help you lose weight. By avoiding products laden with saturated fats and unnatural additives your diet will benefit from dairy products which are an all round food option which won’t hinder your weight loss plans.