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Healthchildrendieteatingfoodmeatfishfruitvegetablesdairy Productssugarfatoverweightoil

The younger you start with your children the better!

People are getting fatter and fatter as well as so many children being overweight to the point some schools call it a disability. If this is not enough there is also the harsh reality that the medical community is telling parents that these kids will not only be fat but unhealthy and pron-ed to all kinds of diseases.

Before you can get serious about raising healthy eaters you must be totally convinced that it is the thing to do for the sake of your kids; however, it must start with you as parents if you’re not a healthy eaters or could do a lot better. It will be difficult and painful but you have faith in what you are doing and you’ll get the strength. Don’t expect much help from society at least in the US.

First, get rid of all unhealthy foods in the house which generally is junk food and drinks. Get a chart with a healthy diet on your refrigerator to remind you and the family that this will be your Bible in eating. Communicate to your children and teenagers what you are doing and why which will have to be enforced constantly.

The rest is easy: go to the grocery store and buy healthy foods. There should be a good balance in eating starch, meats and fish, fruit and vegetables, and dairy products. Have regular meals and a good breakfast for all. Cafeterias in schools are generally full of junk and unhealthy foods so you may convince your kids to fix a lunch. Many schools have all kinds of pop and candy machines. In addition, candy is given to kids for rewards and all those birthday treats.

Whole milk is best for children since they need strong bones. Buy cereals which have little or no sugar. Whole grain ones are better yet. Have a variety of dairy products like good ice cream, yogurt, cream cheeses, and other cheeses. Get lots of fruits and vegetables to eat with a meal and also for snacks. Dried fruits and nuts are also good for snacks. Eggs can be served all kinds of ways and good for breakfast.

Quality meats with little fat are good. Have a variety of both red meat and white: chicken, turkey, beef, pork, veal, lamb, duck, and others available. Fresh meat is always better and so is fresh fish. Baking and broiling meat and fish is better than frying. Cooking with the least amount of fat and sugar is a rule. You can vary your meat intake with sausage, ham, ground meat, and all meat lunch meat. Go out to a fish restaurant to have some fish variety!

Bread, noodles, and potatoes should be of high quality. Buy fresh breads from the bakery. Whole wheat is healthier. Get sweet potatoes and red ones for a variety. Again, you can have all kinds of variety but with little fat. Pastries and cakes should have little sugar.

Water can be your main drink. Milk is a must for children and teenagers. Natural fruit juices with little sugar or no sugar are healthy. Make your own lemonade with little sugar.

Having only healthy foods around and cooking healthy meals will get your children healthier and train them to make healthy choices themselves when they are not in your control. They will not crave the junk foods and drinks and neither will you as parents since you’re a healthy family now and it is all worth it.