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Health Exercise Aerobic Fitness

Exercise is a good thing, though doing something is more fun than calisthenics. Here I will mix in some doing things methods of getting exercise along with a more conventional approach.

One has read the ‘kick start the heart’ with a cup of joka java commercial aspect of motivation in general to want more directed toward exercise. For those that ever went through basic training one needs little instruction on how to spring in to action-new recruits might find their bunk mattress suddenly overturned and them on the floor with it if they tarry after the nice shout to rise and shine. Lets move on beyond all that to a more tranquil aspect of exercise.
Years ago I read a nice little book by Marsha Barnes named ‘Youth, Yoga and Reincarnation’. As a Christian I was a little put off by the reincarnation aspect of the title however as a philosopher I was tolerant of the errors of belief that people ordinarily take up. If a thousand mile journey can be started with a single step on the gas peddle, I was ready equally to start the alternative exercise course. The first, most important practical step I will use then is to relearn how to breathe-just a little bit.

Upon awakening get up and cover one nostril with a finger and close it off while deeply breathing through the other as deeply as you can. Then release the breath through the other nostril after releasing that finger and placing it on the one you took the air in from. Exhale as deeply as you can. Then inhale as deeply through the same nostril until full, remove your finger and place it on the one the air was in-taked through and exhale as deeply and slowly as is comfortable. There is another method of exercise that I like to start a day with…mountain biking downhill.

It is an invigorating day that begins with arising from a tent upon a mountain at several thousand feet of elevation with a mountain bike outside and a trail, somewhere near, for the descent along twists and turns must be something like downhill skiing and riding a trail motorcycle without the motor or the snow. It is often necessary to have a cup of coffee with a teaspoon or two of sugar before starting in order to be fully awake-remember to sit as far back on the bike seat as possible letting your aft section move the bikes weight toward the back wheel as far as possible in order to avoid flipping over the front handlebars if you apply breaks (be very careful with those front breaks and prefer the back brakes) going down a deep slope. This sort of exercise gets your heart and mind immediately pumping and thinking and sensory networks utilized fully with the wind and myriad pathway instructions and decision feedback loops required to keep going as fast as can be done safely.

It is also good to live along a large body of water where rowing a small skiff is practical. Rowing to work is a good method of exercise that can be repeated ad infinitum. Its very easy on the legs if injured from jogging and quite exciting in waves 50% the size of the vessel. Rowing in to the wind is very tedious and occasionally a challenging experience. Rowing a monarch scow 14 footer across Frederick Sound in S.E. Alaska one time a large sailing vessel-the Lady Washington with a training crew stopped to ask if I needed assistance. I continued rowing on to Kupreanov Island-one meets interesting people rowing.

A good shadow boxing workout is good for some people in which combined elements of kickboxing, karate and Tai Chi along with conventional jabs and punches can be thrown at an imaginary opponent. I should say that its more fun to have a large punching bag to practice with, yet that may be impractical for many.

Swimming in the ocean is good any time, and in Florida and other states with good swimming locations there should be more places protected from sharks with some sort of technical method of low cost. I hate it when some fish brush against my legs swimming in the surf-its as exhilarating as seeing some dolphin’s fins approaching before realizing they are dolphins.

It has been said about running that there are two basic methods to get started running; one is to set your goal to that of running for a specific period of time and the second is to run for a particular distance and always make yourself complete it even if it is slow and plodding. Running or slow jogging is the fundamental activity of a physically fit human being. The jogging jiggles the fat and tightens ligaments while strengthening cartilage through slow build up. The cardio-vascular system is utilized more fully than in anaerobic exercises that don’t get the heart pumping.