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Health Club Classes Burn most Calories

The health club classes that burn the most calories are usually those that give you the most fast-paced aerobic workout. Though a class such as Tai Ch’i or Yoga may be great for your overall well-being, they are probably not going to burn as many calories as fast-paced classes such as spinning, stepping, or cardio kick-boxing. Each of these three options are great choices if you’re looking to burn the most calories possible.


“Spinning” classes refer to classes conducted on the stationary bicycles. But why is a spinning class better than just using the machine on your own in the gym’s cardio room? The key factor is motivation. When you’re participating in a class, you feel as though you should keep up with everybody else in the room. Though you should never push yourself if you feel faint or dizzy, keeping up with the class will often mean that you get a more vigorous workout than you would on your own. Spinning classes are great for burning calories.


Step classes are one variety of many aerobic workouts offered by various gyms and health clubs. Usually these classes involve moving to fast-paced music (not dancing per se, just moving) at the instruction of a leader. Stepping classes specifically involve stepping up on a block and then stepping back down again. How effective the class is at burning calories will depend on the pace of the class.

Cardio Kick-Boxing

Some people prefer classes such as cardio kick-boxing because you are not simply doing moves that seem to have no ultimate purpose. Cardio kick-boxing classes combine martial arts moves like kicking and punching with fast-paced aerobic workouts. In a regular martial arts class, you would likely have many resting periods as you move from one area of class to another, or as you wait your turn to kick a bag. In a cardio kickboxing class, though, the focus is more on keeping up the cardio workout, and you can expect to burn more calories because of it.

The amount of calories burned does not only depend on what particular kind of exercise you’re doing. How vigorous the workout is also makes a difference. An advanced spinning class is likely to burn more calories than a beginning cardio kick-boxing class, simply because of the intensity of the workout. Be that as it may, whenever you are starting a new exercise program, you should always consult your doctor and start where you feel most comfortable, even if that is in the beginner’s class.