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Health Benefits of Yoga Women

Health is very important for a good and long life. One can remain healthy by following a disciplined life, doing regular exercises and by eating nutritious food. Exercise is the best way to keep your body and mind healthy and fresh. Yoga is also very beneficial for the healthy mind, body and soul.

Yoga is very ancient Hindu discipline, which is a kind of exercise. Yoga is a spiritual practice which includes breathing exercise, poses, meditation. Today Yoga has become very popular in all over the World because of its benefits. Yoga is beneficial for all whether you are a man, woman or kid.

Women are different from men in terms of physical and emotional aspects. A woman’s body is more flexible than a man’s, but it has lesser strength in comparison to men. Women are emotionally weak and very unstable, while men are stronger and stable. Women need more attention and care for their health as they have the responsibility of maternity and good upbringing of kids depends more on the mothers. Yoga has been proved as a best form of exercise for women. Yoga has many health benefits for women, which are given below:

# Increases flexibility of body: Women’s body loses its flexibility faster than the men’s. Most of the works which require great physical strength are done by the men. In this way man’s muscles remain more flexible and tight than the women’s. On the other side, women start losing calcium from the bones’ faster than the men, particularly after delivering the baby, which makes their bones fragile. Thus, women’s body starts losing its flexibility after the age of thirty years. Yoga can help them in keeping their body flexible. Women can start practicing yoga at any stage of life. It does not involve hard exercises. One can begin at any age without incurring any pain. Yoga helps in improving the flexibility of body.

# Reduces illness and improves immunity: Yoga improves immunity and gives strength to fight with many diseases. Yoga helps in controlling the blood pressure and cholesterol levels. For a woman who don’t find enough time for exercises helpful in controlling the high blood pressure and cholesterol, yoga can be very helpful as yoga uses meditation and breathing exercise, which calms down the stressed nerves.

# Reduces effects of PMS: Periods or menstruation causes some hormonal changes in the women. These changes and inconvenience caused by menstruation makes women emotionally fragile. Mood swings, pain, irritation and depression can occur every month before or after the menstruation. Yoga can help them in reducing the effects of PMS. Yoga helps in building confidence and emotionally strong. Some yoga poses can also help in reducing the pain occurred during the menstruation.

# Healthy pregnancy: Pregnancy brings a number of discomforts along with the happiness. Yoga can help in reducing the problem of morning sickness, mood swing and backache. Yoga also helps in controlling the weight during the pregnancy. Prenatal yoga poses are suggested for pregnant women. It also helps in preparing the body for the birth of the baby.

# Depression and stress management: Women are more tend to become victim of depression and stress. Yoga uses meditation which helps in reducing the stress and tension and stimulates positive energy.