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Health Benefits of Eating Eggs

For many years, eggs have had a bad press. Depending on what you read, eggs were either going to give you salmonella food poisoning, or a heart attack by sending your cholesterol levels through the roof. Put simply, as far as some nutritionists were concerned, eggs were devils in shells. These days, eggs, when eaten in moderation, are said to be good for you. These are just some of the health benefits of eating eggs.

Good for your eyes

Eggs contain the carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin, which are good for the eyes. These carotenoids are more easily assimilated into the body from eggs than from other foods. Eating one egg a day could help to prevent macular degeneration, which is the biggest cause of blindness in adults, and cataracts. There is more lutein in eggs than in spinach, which was previously advocated as a good source of lutein.

Good for hair and nails

Eggs contain sulphur and vitamin B12, both of which are good for hair growth and nail growth and strength. If you suffer from hair loss, eat an egg every day to boost natural growth.

Good for teeth and bones

Their high vitamin D content means eggs are good for building strong teeth and bones. Eggs also contain phosphorus, which is also important to bones and teeth.

Good source of protein

If you’re looking for protein at a low cost and modest calorie content, eggs have it. One egg contains around 10% of an adult’s daily protein requirement. Proteins are the body’s building blocks, and we need a certain amount for healthy growth and cell renewal. Eggs not only supply protein, they supply all the amino acids your body needs. As they’re such a good source of protein, eggs are also filling, which means they can help with weight loss as part of a healthy diet.

Good for the brain and heart

Eggs are a rich source of choline, which is important for the health of the brain and the nervous system. It’s needed for sending messages between the nervous system and the muscles, and improves brain function and memory. Choline is also anti-inflammatory, so it calms inflammation around the organs. The selenium in eggs helps to prevent blood clots, strokes and heart attacks.

Protects against cancer and disease

Eating eggs may protect against some forms of cancer, as eggs are rich in antioxidants. In addition, eggs are a good source of zinc, which is essential for the immune system.

When you realise that there are so many health benefits to eating eggs, you must admit they’re a cracking addition to a healthy diet. (Pun intended!)