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Health Benefits of co q 10

Co Q-10 (Co-enzyme Q10) is made naturally in the body and is involved in energy production in cells. It also has a role as an antioxidant, whereby it helps to repair some of the damage caused by harmful free radicals that may contribute to signs of ageing, heart disease and cancer. Co Q-10 is found in small amounts in some foods, and can be made synthetically and taken as a supplement. Research suggests it may be possibly beneficial for a number of conditions, however further research is necessary before firm recommendations can be made.

Co Q-10 health benefits for use with “statins”

The “statins” are a group of medications that are used to help lower cholesterol levels. These medications cause Co Q-10 levels to be reduced. It is thought that reduction in Co Q-10 levels may be a factor which contributes to muscle pain, a very common side effect of these medications. While this may not be the only reason these medications cause muscle pain, this is one group of patients that may benefit from Co Q-10 supplementation.

Heart disease

Supplementation with Co Q-10 may be beneficial for patients with heart disease including high blood pressure, angina and congestive heart failure. It is early days, but there is some evidence that when combined with conventional medicine, Co Q-10 supplementation may be helpful in the treatment of heart failure, and in the reduction of blood pressure. Supplementation may also help improve exercise capability in patients with angina.

Parkinson’s disease

Why Parkinson’s disease occurs is not yet completely understood, and there is no cure or effective prevention. However some early stage studies from the Institute of Neurology suggest that a deficiency in Co Q-10 may have a role in the development of Parkinson’s disease, and that Co Q-10 supplementation could have a role in delaying disease progression.

Migraine prevention

There is a great deal of interest in supplemental therapies for migraine prevention, and Co Q-10 appears to be one possibly effective option. A dose of 150 milligrams once daily may be helpful in reducing the frequency of migraine attacks. Co Q-10 does not help to reduce the severity of migraines, or treat them once the attack has started.

Other health benefits

Some people take Co Q-10 as a general energy supplement and antioxidant, and it may sometimes be recommended to improve athletic performance, although evidence is lacking. It may possibly be beneficial for improving the immune system of people with HIV/AIDS, improving physical performance in people with muscular dystrophy, preventing blood vessel damage following heart bypass surgery and delaying the progression of Huntington’s disease.

There are a range of potential health benefits of Co Q-10, and it has already demonstrated its potential use in a number of diseases. Since Co Q-10 is naturally occurring in the body, it has minimal side effects and few drug interactions to speak of, making it an ideal candidate for further investigation. No doubt the full potential of Co Q-10 as a health supplement is still yet to be harnessed!

General Note:

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