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Health and Wellness for Children

In our modern day and age of television, cellphones, console and PC games, fast foods and shop from home options is it any wonder that so many children are not only unfit, but also unhealthily obese?

The lack of exercise and high amount of unhealthy foods add up to not only childhood obesity, but also more and more cases of childhood diabetes. Our children, unlike us when we were young, no longer play outside or with friends.
No, it is much easier and so much less strenuous to just sit on the couch and watch television (with thousands of available channels to choose from, how can they possibly become bored with what’s on?) or play computer games all day and night.

But this causes obvious problems that many parents simply do not wish to acknowledge or simply do not care enough to do anything about. The result is a generation of unhealthy children.

And what is the answer? It is a simple one, but not necessarily an easy one.
Exercise. But how do we get the kids who are so used to just sitting around to begin being interested in the one thing they are so good at avoiding … good healthy exercise.

There are several ways, some more effective than others – depending on the individual being addressed. An easy option for a child who is used to constantly sitting in front of the television or computer playing games is a wonderful invention called the Wii Games Console. This way the child can still play games like he or she is used to, but due to the unique control system of the device they also begin getting the exercise that they so sorely require.

Another way – for those who love to indulge in fast food eating just a little too much – is to begin replacing the unhealthy (in too much quantity) fast food with a healthier and more interesting snack and diet. Replace chocolate bar snacks with health bars, which taste just as good anyway. Or replace constant cookies, biscuits and pastries with vegetable sticks or dried fruit snacks.

There are so many possibilities here that finding something that’ll start the new healthier eating habit is not nearly as difficult as people seem to think that it is.

Then, of course, there is the obvious answer – get them to pick up a sport that suits their personality. Once again the options are almost limitless, if you just take the time to look around a bit.

These are of course only a few simply ideas for achieving health and wellness in children. Because let’s face it … a healthy body harbours a healthy mind.