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Has the War on Drugs gone too far by Restricting Drugs for Chronic Pain Management – No

Our government needs to restrict certain drugs, whether for pain management, seizures, depression or a myriad of other ailments. At this point they, the government, have not gone too far in my mind. I fall under one of the drugs that are restricted, not for pain management, for epilepsy. At the moment I have no pain, although in the past, I have. I also suffer from lymphedema which has caused pain the past and I was happy for my codeine. But just one month of pain is not the issue.

My room mate does have chronic back pain from a broken back. She has pins in her back keeping her together. I call her my *sister and I would do anything that I could to help her and with her slow cooperation, I have. She almost died two years ago and when I flew down I found not the person I knew and loved, but someone that was on so many different medications that she could not stay awake. She fell asleep at the hospital. She fell asleep and I brought her home to live here because she would not have made it otherwise.

Not all doctors are checking with the other doctor you go to, for example the internalist with the pain management doctor with the heart specialist etc. I know some about medicines for living for the past 57 years and raising five children. Somehow she was on a prescription sleep aid, she was on several drugs for depression and OxyCotin. She is also diabetic so was on her diabetic medication and has a heart condition and was on those also. The first thing to go was the Valium and we got her to doctors who know what they are doing and talk to one another. I am happy to say that she is off OcyCotin and most of her medications, has lost almost One Hundred Pounds and looks great. She is only one person who may have died from drug overdoses if the restrictions were not tight.

Not all people are honest with their doctors nor do they remember to tell them all the drugs they are on that might interfere with the chronic pain medications. I do doubt this is done on purpose, but memory lapses are there, many from the medications. If the drugs you are on for pain management are failing then it is time to find something else, not get illegal medications. It is time to educate all of the public about all of the drugs they are on and make sure they know the interactions with other drugs. When I say *all*, I mean not just the people with the chronic pain, the people without the chronic pain also.

I think the government still needs to keep a close watch on the drugs we take. Please, if your pain is not being stilled by the drug you are on, talk to your doctor. We are paying them for this. Make sure you know all the side effects and what drugs interact with others. The web is a usefool tool for this information. Save a life, let it start with your own.