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H1n1 Vaccine for the Swine Flu

A buzz of controversy over the upcoming H1N1 swine flu vaccine and its imminent distribution throughout the United States, has many parents concerned for the safety of their children. I, for one, am concerned, as I have a 3-year-old granddaughter. I love her beyond any human description and I do not want her to suffer irreparable harm or even death.

Vaccinations have saved many lives and, no doubt, prevented unprecedented suffering worldwide since the early 1930’s. Still, vaccines (not unlike this nation’s unions) have gone through great metamorphosis over these many years. There is evidence to ‘more than suggest’ that they are too often not adequately tested, are administered unnecessarily, far too often (by the time they enter school, children will have close to two dozen vaccinations!) and, for all the wrong reasons – not the least of which is insurmountable greed. Many vaccines contain dangerous levels of toxic materials, which (may) have caused children (and adults in many cases) to suffer and even tragically, die.

My daughter-in-law is a young RN. And, although she is intelligent, sensitive, and well-educated, she has sadly NOT been adequately armed with the facts in regard to vaccinations, while attending ‘nursing school’ – their history of adverse affectsand their current compositions of highly deadly, inadequately tested adjuvants.


* If you care to learn more about vaccines, go to vactruth.com. There are other reliable sites, as well. Drug companies and certain medical associations prefer you don’t know about them. They stand to lose far too much. (Think of all the advertisements on television for various drugs. What a list of side effects!) Do our bodies really benefit in the end? Does our society?

Forced Vaccination in these United States?

Oh, and then, there is the issue of forced vaccination. Currently, New York State mandated vaccinations for H1N1 for all hospital personnel under threat of termination! A group of nurses brought suit and the mandate was not enforced.

Yes, Virginia. There is a ‘New World Order’ being advocated by some!

There has historically been much secrecy surrounding the pharmaceutical companies, as well as the World Health Organization, the Federal Drug Administration, and the Center for Disease Control. In part, because of greed. But, more importantly, because of a well-thought-out political agenda. Did you know that? It should be no secret that our current administration wishes to enforce a New World Order. If you are unfamiliar with that term, for you own sake, get familiar, – fast! This would only ‘suggest’ to me that the ‘would-be’ leaders of this New World Order stand ready to utilize WHATEVER means necessary to attain that goal.This is accomplished quite successfully by ‘creating a crisis’ and yelling,”the sky is falling, the sky is falling!”

If they can ‘persuade’ you to get vaccinated, what next?

Sterilization?… Did I Say That?

While yours truly is hardly suggesting deliberate intent to implement ‘sterilization’ for the sake of population control, which, by the way IS an oft-stated (publicized) goal of proponents of the New World Order, – it is worth keeping in mind that these governing radicals would most likely have no problem with a few cast-offs here and there! (In Rules For Radicals,author William Ayers advocates the extermination of no fewer than 30 million Americans.)

Frankly, that is just one of the many reasons why, I find it hard to trust them to stick a needle in my granddaughter’s sweet little arm or, squirt a spray up her little nose in ‘the most holy name of protection’ from that ‘evil’ swine flu virus! This is one time I believe that the cure is quite (possibly) deadlier than the disease.

Please, don’t take my word for any of this. Investigate the facts for yourself. Make an informed decision. After all, there is everything to lose!

Please do not look merely at government sites. Check out private websites (their articles and data has been well researched) where there are many links to articles written by medical doctors, nurses, and scientists, previously involved with the research and manufacture of vaccines, who are currently testifying to thequestionable ‘safety’ ofthe H1N1 vaccine, among others.

Doctors And Nurses Answer Back, “NO WAY! NOT MY CHILD!”

* Hundreds of respected medical professionals are refusing to allow their own children to be vaccinated without further testing! In fact, news outlets report that 40% of parents are refusing to get their children immunized against H1N1. Did you know that?

The 4 companies now responsible for this vaccine, admit that very few children (a mere 31 for Sanofi-Aventis) have been tested for appropriate levels of thimerosal, the preservative composed of approximately 50% mercury. No one is certain the affect it will have on young children. In fact, babies under 6 months will not be vaccinated. Children 10 years and up, as well as adults and, children 6 to 24 months, will receive a single dose. BUT, children between the ages of 3 and 10 years old are being advised to have two doses spaced 21 days apart. (And, you can be assured, the ‘authorities’ will keep track and make certain they are brought back for their second dose!)

Yes, and another ‘tidbit’ of information that ‘the powers that be’ have failed to mention: It will be a LIVE vaccine for these helpless wee ones in form of the nasal spray (which will reportedly not contain the preservative)! A live vaccine twice (21 days apart) for ages 3 to 10 years! In addition, it is being STRONGLY ADVISED that TWO doses of SEASONAL flu vaccine be administered simultaneously, – on the same visits! That equals four industrial-strength vaccines injected into their little arms within 21 days of each other! Just think about that a moment.

However, currently there is not enough vaccine for the 225 million Americans the CDC wishes to see vaccinated. Orders are falling way short of arriving in the time frame previously promised. The preservative, thimerosal, is apparently only required to be included in the injection form of the h1N1 vaccine (which the Associated Press reported is apparently a mere 60% of the overall vaccine). The nasal FluMist spray form will not contain thimerosal.

Side Affects Not Unlike A Mild Case Of The Disease Itself!

Side effects, according to the drug manufacturers themselves, ARE LIKELY to be inflammation and soreness surrounding the injection site and fever, possibly as high as 100 degrees F. In FACT, first reports back from the Associated Press indicate fever in a high percentage of young children ALREADY vaccinated with H1N1!

Non-live vaccines are slated for pregnant women, seniors over 50, and those with health issues causing concern. Also, for children between 6 months and three years. From 3 to 49 years, – you healthy, lucky so-and-so’s are the government guinea pigs for the ‘live pig flu’ vaccine! Now, you know.

Risk Of Autism

The results, though inconclusive to date, STRONGLY SUGGEST a disturbing correlation between autism and the vaccinations which had contained unsafe levels of mercury-laden Thimerosal. To date, Mercury has been banned from use in all vaccines EXCEPT the flu vaccine. Health czar Kathleen Sebelius released currently updated statistics confirming 1 in 100 children born in the United States WILL BE diagnosed with autism at some point in their lives.

Excuse me? That’s 10%! (Some doctors reportedly believe it to be closer to 1 in 86.) Then, why is it no one seems too alarmed up there in Washington? While little is being done to discover more about autism and it’s link to vaccines, flu vaccine infused with mercury is being pumped into the arms of tens of thousands of precious American children all over the nation! After all, it’s just a ‘trace’ of arsenic… Can’t hurt too much, right?

In fact, even though listed by all five vaccine manufacturers as having only ‘trace’ elements of mercury in each individual dose, doctors have testified to the fact that this is a good 25 times more than the human system could safely tolerate, were it in the form of either food or, drink. That is just the problem. Not enough is known to make a sound judgement regarding this injection, – it’s safety or, it’s ability to even prevent H1N1. I do not suggest a deliberate conspiracy here. I merely sound an alarm in favor of common sense.

Some Are More Interested In The Forest Than the Tree!

… All the while, hair-splitting fact-finders are busy trying to squelch our free-speech! It’s infuriating! That is nothing more than a violation of our First Ammendment right! I have spent hours reading and researching this topic…from all sides! And, I am simply not convinced that government and medical personnel know as much about what they are doing as they would have us believe.

Freedom Of Speech (And, Choice) At Stake

* Read all you can get your hands on, America. And, speak out loudly, – NOW! Or, we may not have much longer TO speak out. Many Americans are just waking up to the bigger picture. The current administration has already begun a campaign to unburden us of more and more of our choices in this great land of ours!

I am a writer. I am also a citizen of this nation. And, on this very site for which I write, a designated ‘fact-checker’ has already let me know that THIS ARTICLE WILL BE TAKEN DOWN if I do not comply with his ‘request’ to rewrite and repost, as HE has very SPECIFICALLY instructed me to do so. Apparently, they feel that the facts of The New York Times and other government sites are more worthy than those of American scientists and doctors who happen to ‘disagree’ with the CDC (i.e. vactruth.com)!

That, my friends, is censorship, pure and simple. And, the last time I looked, this was still The United States Of America! Every American has a right to speak or, publish their opinion and “expose” certain facts as they know them to be. The reader is likewise free to interpret them. That is journalism. That is free speech.

*The White House recently made an unprecedented statement, regarding a certain national news broadcaster, dismissing it’s relevance as a news organization. They have brandished it’s commentators, as well as news anchors, incompetant and inviable sources of information! I have never in my 50+ years seen anything to compare with it, – and I studied and taught political science and American history for years!

Medical Scientists Attest To Fact: Repeated Vaccinations Impune The Body’s Natural Ability To Stave Off Most Disease

In any case, all vaccines actually impune the natural immune system and throw them into a chaotic state. The more vaccines a person exposes themselves to over time, the less likely one is to retain their good health. Did you know that? That is fact! Read the journals and periodicals of modern medicine. You will, at least, have more of an opportunity to do that than you did to read The Stimulas or, The Healthcare Bills.

Yes, I think there is a serious threat here from a rather nasty flu virus. Still, I DO NOT believe the sky is falling. A ‘pandemic’ is simply a HIGHER THAN USUAL NUMBER of cases reported within a short period of time. It does not, necessarily, suggest an EXORBITANT FATALITY RATE. In fact, the majority of cases have been mild and have not required hospitalization. Full recovery can be expected within a couple of weeks.

But, each American must make his or, her own decision.

And, understandably, this is a decision that will not be simple but, I ask you to consider it from every angle. Do not allow yourself to be intimidated by government or, medical ‘officials’. Deep in your gut, don’t you just know something is wrong with the rush to vaccinate 225 million citizens with a PRIMITIVE and PRIMARILY UNTESTED vaccine? A mere 31 children. Get real!

Yes, there is ‘some’ risk involved with everything, including a supposed life-saving vaccine. The question remains,… just how lucky do you feel?

(The above is the expressed opinion of the writer and does not neccessarily represent the views of either Helium or, Google.)