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Group Therapy or Individual Therapy

Group Therapy and Individual Therapy are both something people have used for a long time to talk about any issues or problems they may have in their lives. I personally have been in both and I’d prefer group therapy over Individual Therapy.

If you’ve ever been in Individual Therapy then you’ll know there’s just something really awkward about talking to a complete stranger for that first time. They want to know all your secrets and they don’t know a thing about you to be honest. I almost think therapist expect too much at first. I want them to help me with my problems not ask me my secrets as if I’m their best friend.

The atmosphere can become pretty tense at times and in turn that makes anyone who has ever dealt with this problem not want to speak about their problems. You almost view the therapist as an enemy, especially if its forced therapy. Its something that has to be gradual, which is what brings me into Group Therapy being a better method

Group Therapy can be a little sketchy at first for some since its still strangers, but at the same time you’re usually in a room with the people that have the same problems as you. Also the questions are usually asked are for someone who wants to volunteer maybe something good that happened to them that week or something bad that happened.

The good thing about group therapy is that as time goes on you feel more comfortable with your group as they encourage you and clap for you when you do good. You don’t feel so bulls-eyed as in Individual Therapy. In Group Therapy you have the option to pass if you don’t feel like expressing yourself at that moment in time then its the next person, whereas if you don’t want to answer a certain question in Individual Therapy there’s that awkward silence and you still feel like you’re on the hotspot

Group Therapy is a great self esteem booster, because rather than your therapist who is supposed to encourage you anyways, you have a group of what eventually become friends supporting you. You know that they’ve went through the same things as you in a way. You don’t feel ousted in any sort of way which is a great feeling.

You might even find someone in the group to hang with on a regular basis, go get coffee, go on a date even, who knows. Its always a great feeling knowing that you’re contributing to helping not just with your own problems, but also by being a listener to someone elses problems and offering them support.

So this is just a few of the reasons I prefer Group Therapy over Individual therapy any day. Some people need individual therapy, so I’m not going to knock it too hard. To me though there are definitely more perks when it comes to expressing your problems in a group with people with similar issues. Sometimes even the therapy participants can help more than the therapist.