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Green Tea Weight Loss Potential

Tea is an interesting subject when it comes to healthy benefits in general, and some studies also suggest that one active substance found in particular green tea can have some positive benefits during the weight loss too. It is the group of antioxidants called catechins that probably can be the reason behind this effect.

Some studies show that a drink that which contained catechins from green tea increased the reduction of stomach fat and weight loss during workouts. There were also shown some healthy benefits in regards to the cholesterol levels.

Tea is definitely something to consume regularly and in particular green tea. There are several health benefits with possible connection to tea-consumption beside the probability of the weight loss potential.

You stay young longer; since tea is rich in antioxidants it will protect the cells from free radicals. Free radicals are formed naturally in the body, but they increase during stress, infections, sun exposure, hard physical work, smoking and air pollution. When too many free radicals are formed, the cells are exposed to attacks that can lead to damaging and aging of the skin.

You’ll get more mental energy; both green and black tea contains caffeine, but only about half as much as in coffee. In addition, tea may be good for mental performance for a longer time since it’s said that the release of caffeine will be spread over a longer time frame.

Consumption may reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Tea may prevent the formation of plaque in the blood. Tea may also have other health benefits connected to the cardiovascular system in regards to the cholesterol levels.

Tea may prevent dementia.
Japanese women rarely suffer from dementia compared to women in other continents. Some reports argue that it depends on the tea drinking.

Reduced risk of ovarian cancer
A study saw evidence that tea can prevent ovarian cancer. The study was performed in 61,000 women and it is believed that the content of polyphenols in the tea could be the reason for the protection of the cells.

Reduced risk of all types of cancer
Tea may prevent cancer through its content of flavonoids and Japanese studies show that green tea is one of the most powerful ingredients available to prevent cancer, including lung cancer.

Fewer cavities in teeth
The tea contains fluoride in small amounts and tea can therefore possibly prevent tooth decay.

Less risk of osteoporosis
Studies show that tea drinking, older women have stronger bones than non-tea drinking. Flavonoids in tea are regarded as the beneficial property here.

Besides this, it is as already mentioned a possibility that green tea can have positive effects on the metabolism and indirectly help during weight loss. The green tea has been shown in particular to be the good choice here, so whether your goal is to lose weight or not; tea should have a place in your life thanks to the health benefits it may bring.