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Green Tea and Illness

What can I say about green tea? I have to say, about this nectar of the Gods so to speak, is that it is diuretic. Not allot but still it is. Diuretic basically means “it will go right through you!” It does so many other good things that this becomes very trivial. I am very delighted that this liquid is finally getting its just deserts so to speak. Tea of any kind has long been shunned in this country. Good reasons for a time gone past though.
There are so many positive this to say about this drink. First, it cleans your blood from the free radicals in it. These horrible things do occur naturally, but do cause numerous ailments. Basically these, along with other choices, can cause aging at an accelerated rate. Also, when you have something introduced to your blood stream like a virus, chemotherapy, etc., it is a great way to quench your thirst.
Secondly, it just tastes good! The taste is light not overpowering in the least. It is naturally like a good white wine. It does not overpower the flavor of the original meal but instead enhances it. Some people like the liquid they drink to overpower their entre but not I. If anything the drink with a meal is supposed to compliment or enhance the dinning pleasure.
Lastly it does one very important thing. It hydrates the drinker. In the United States of America most people are dehydrated due to not getting enough liquids. Does the average person drink 6 cups of water? I bet probably not. Does anyone drink coffee, the nations past time? If a person does than they need to drink another cup of water! Or of course green tea in this instance. White tea is just green tea plucked before the budding is ready. White tea therefore is good for you also. Remember to drink green tea often because it is not just for old angry women anymore.
Why not just regular tea? I would have to reply “I am not blooming English chap!” That whole revolutionary war thing was started basically with the tea tax and the Boston Tea Party. I honestly recommend green tea for all the above reasons. Hydration issues are one of the worst preventable issues that is within our grasp to resolve.