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Green Pepper Nutritional Benefits

Green peppers are more than just to make salads look attractive. They have some great nutritional benefits too! One cup of fresh green pepper will provide you with an assortment of nutrients I am about to tell you about here in this article.

One of the main nutrients in green peppers is Vitamin C. Vitamin C is an immune system builder along with helping your body to work against cancer cells. Another role that this vitamin plays is to provide collagen to the bones which is needed in supporting bone strength. You will get 174.80 milligrams of Vitamin C by eating your serving size of green pepper.

Are you lacking in vitamin A? Well one of the best things you can do for yourself is to have a serving of green peppers on your salad. Green peppers provide you will all of your allowance for this vitamin at 5244.00 IU! Vitamin A is not only great for your eye health, but it protects you from cancer cells division as well.

Vitamin B6 is part of the nutrients you get when eating green peppers. Your B6 vitamin is the one that helps your metabolization of fats, red blood cell health, and hydrochloric acid which is a part of our amino acid chain. Green peppers will give you 0.23 milligrams of this essential vitamin.

Green peppers contain another trace mineral known as molybdenum in it. What this micronutrient does is give cells energy, and also plays a role in nervous system health. The kidneys also are aided by this trace mineral since molybdenum helps in waste eliminations. There is 4.60 micrograms of this mineral in green peppers.

Some vitamin K is part of the green pepper. In a regular serving per cup, you’ll receive 4.51 micrograms of this vitamin that not only helps the blood clotting formation, and also bone health since it helps calcium to process, and bone density. Vitamin K has also played a role in artery health.

Manganese is another nutrient found in green pepper. All of the key nutrients such as biotin, glucose metabolization, and fatty acids along with proteins are all processed by manganese. In one serving of peppers, you’ll receive 0.11 milligrams.

Some potassium is gained by eating green peppers. Potassium is central to our health, and is the main electrolyte which keeps us alive. It regulates the heartbeat functions, helps in the control of blood pressure, and keeps our fluids balanced. Green peppers will offer you about 162 milligrams of this essential nutrient.

Last but not least, folate is another thing offered in green peppers. This water-soluble vitamin, a naturally occurring substance, is key in the processing of homocysteine, which is part of our amino acids chain. It also helps our cellular production in order to prevent anemia from occuring.

The next time you have a salad, add green peppers of one cup to it, or you can put it in soups, or add them to rice for more flavor. Your better health is worth it!