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Gout Pain Management

The use of Cherries for everyday diets have been practiced for centuries around the world. Aside from its nutritional values cherries are shaping up to be quite a powerful weapon. The thought of cherries as “Pain Relievers” to most is unbelievable. However in 1950 they conducted studies which showed cherries work! The study showed that when a person suffering gout ate pound of cherries or drank 1 liter of cherry juice they had a relief in their pain. This treatment is a bit tastier than taking medications and the side effects…none!

Thousands of people suffer from the unbearable pain of gout each year. The use of medications to treat this disease is in the billions! These new studies can save people hundreds of dollars and headaches…a side effect of gout medications. Learning healthy ways to reduce the pain without adding side effects is something growing more and more popular these days.

Gout causes pain and discomfort in many families each year. The pain of gout can be debilitating. The toe is effected above all however know one knows why this occurs. The attack on the feet causes the sufferer to endure reduced activity and sometime debilitation. Restricting them from what they love to do. Many people say it is often like walking on “broken glass”.

So far there is no known cure for gout and many are hit very hard when it strikes. There are a few classic symptoms:

Red, Swollen Joints
Sudden pain

The choice to eat healthier is a smart one. Additionally there are several foods you can eat to help reduce your amount and degree of attacks with gout. Listed are a few to help you out:

Dried Legumes

and of course cherries! High Blood pressure and obesity can cause more attacks. Watching the amount of salt in your diet as well as working out or exercising can help lower the amount of attacks. However be sure you are losing weight steadily and not too quick as this can bring on an attack. If you have any additional questions contact your local physician for more information.

And remember natural remedies can not only help your gout but other conditions you are suffering. You can sometimes grow dependent on the medications you are taking. Learning to manage your gout the natural way without medications can help your body in the future. Learning to eat properly and prevention can help you with many other illnesses as well. Cherries are a great way to show your body you care!