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Good Yoga Websites

Yoga is a well covered topic on the Internet. You will find comprehensive information sites, yoga sites dedicated to specific groups, information on a specific styles of yoga, and places near you to learn. This article looks at some of the favorite sites for each category.

Comprehensive information yoga websites:

Yoga Journal

Yoga journal calls themselves the “online retreat for yoga poses, classes, meditation and life-on and off the mat”. This is a fabulous interactive site which features many free video practices which you can to download to your own computer. Poses are not only shown and detailed, but benefits, variations, modifications and follow up poses are described. The yoga lifestyle section has a wealth of recipes and self care tips. There are polls, daily tips, blogs, a community forum area and you can sign up for the daily insight newsletter.

Yoga at about.com

Yoga poses are listed by degree of difficulty with clear pictures and instructions. Step by step yoga sequences like the sun salutation are also detailed. Different yoga styles are explained and there’s a guide to what might be the most appropriate type for your needs. There are many articles on the health benefits of yoga and lots of information for beginners. There is information on meditation, breathing exercises, the yoga lifestyle and prenatal yoga. A great site for those looking to gain an understanding of yoga in lay-men’s terms.

Yoga for specific groups:


A children’s yoga site which has a search function to find teachers who are qualified to teach Radiant child yoga. Radiant child yoga was developed by Shakta Kaur Khalsa to teach yoga to children of all ages. It focuses on helping children relax, focus and strengthen their mind and body. The site includes international teacher listings. There is also a try yoga section for children which is a worksheet called animal adventure to work through. It includes a breathing exercise, yoga postures and a meditation all described in a child friendly tone.

Birth light.com

This site focuses on a holistic approach to pregnancy, birth and babies. Find prenatal or postnatal yoga classes worldwide or join in the discussion forum to voice your opinion.

Star Yoga world of yoga

This site discusses yoga for men, women, kids and the elderly. It also features a great section on yoga for therapeutic applications. It discusses yoga for health issues like anxiety, depression, asthma, high blood pressure, menopause, back pain and many more.

Where to find instruction


Yoga Alliance

The yoga alliance website offers a worldwide listing of yoga teachers and schools that have met training requirements. To be registered on the site a teacher must have completed a training course at a registered yoga school. You can search by country, region and school or teacher name. This allows you to confirm a qualification for peace of mind or find. The site also lists teaching experience by levels-those who have taught for 2 years plus, 4 years plus and individuals who are capable of training teachers.

Yoga finder.com

This site is a portal into finding every kind of yoga related service imaginable. They class themselves as the largest yoga directory on the net. Search for classes, events and retreats. Add your own yoga business to the listing or search for a job or business to buy. The site also features a comprehensive listing of businesses which sell yoga merchandise.

Websites dedicated to specific styles:

Bikram yoga.com

This is the site of Bikram Choudhury, the creator of “hot yoga”. It includes information and a list of internationally accredited teachers.

Ashtanga yoga.com

A site detailing the progressive breathe synchronized style of ashtanga yoga. It provides a good general overview, lots of links to ashtanga on the web and details the moon days for the most beneficial times to practice.

B K S Iyengar.com

The official site for Iyengar yoga. Provides an overview, lists institutions and teachers and has an easy to understand FAQ’s section.

This is just a short list of some of the great yoga sources on the web. If you are looking for information relating to another specific style, perform your own search and you will most likely find several good sites.