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God Past Healing Truth Relationship

Everything in your life helps to define who you are but shouldn’t it really be who you truly are in life. All your experiences helped shape you into who you already were. I use who you are and were for each experience adds a new layer to your life but what type of layers are you wearing?

I often refer to myself as an onion, which has so many layers, sometimes I am transparent but there are so many layers to peel off to get to the center called my inner self. How many layers have you peeled off to truly get to know yourself? Once all the layers are removed you are there but you already were there. You are a work of art God tells us so but do we really believe Him and here I called you an onion.

The past is over but we can stay very much alive in it in from having a positive or negative point of view depending on what types of experiences we’ve had during all the moments of our life.

If there is bitterness we hold onto perhaps if has caught up with us now causing health problems from the emotions we have been internalizing throughout the years. If our past has been great there may be such joy or a fear that the shoe will drop at any given moment.

It we had a horrible marriage we may think all marriages are bad so will never want to go back to that type of living arrangement. I call it arrangement for do we think we can arrange every area of our life? God has a plan for each one of us have your heard “do you want to make God laugh tell Him your plans”.

The past has been our teacher, the present is what we’ve learned through it all and the future is unknown. The present moment is considered a gift that is why it is called a present. Do you even realize what a gift you are? If you don’t realize who you are in Him than you can let the past dictate to you the same end results but what about all the new possibilities of being in the moment as God brings to you a love like no other for with Him you can do anything.

I place my focus on God for I have learned through all the moments of my life He was always there so I give my control over to Him. Amen