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Ginger Zinzber Officanle Diabtes Antiinflammatory Diabetes Motion Sickness Nausea

Since time long Ginger or “Zingiber officinale” has been widely used in traditional Ayurvedic, Chinese, African medicines and cooking. A very small herb also known for its horticulture values can also be cultivated even in our backyard if you are a person staying in the Tropical belt .Prominently it has been grown in India, China, Philippines and Caribbean. It’s the rhizome that is known for its medicinal values rather than the whole plant. The rhizome or some may call it as root can is used either in fresh form or even in dried form. It is just the difference of some of the properties that affects when what to be used dry or fresh .Recent years have been good for this herb, new scientific evidence has helped this herb to be noted as one of the safest herbs to be used according to the FDA.

Ginger and its Multiple Uses:

1] Traditional Effects of Ginger on Anti Diabetic and hypolipidaemic ,in streptozotcin induced Diabetic rats .

4] Motion sickness and Nausea:
If you are going for a long trip any were in India you would always find family members offering you some sweet ginger cubes to take with you .The only reason for those nice sweet and spicy ginger cubes with you is for their value for Motion sickness .Even in North America the author have seen ginger cubes that you can buy and do take during your trip even on flights. It’s not just motion sickness, but even in nausea during pregnancy ginger cubes or tea can be successfully administered. Nausea or vomiting due to chemotherapy ginger has been tried even in the medical community .Here is the link for that research paper on Effects of Ginger on Motion sickness and Nausea .

5] Women and Ginger:
Ginger can be used in many conditions for women’s health. It’s a good to be taken if you have painful menstrual cramps, amenorrhea. Dried Ginger powder with some rock sugar or honey is often used for morning sickness. The author has cured many of his clients with just simple ginger for this troublesome condition. Be cautious while giving to pregnant women {Under expert guidance only}.Even the use of ginger has been approved as herb that give relief to a women during pregnancy.

6] Men’s Health;
Ginger has its benefits in male health too .It’s an excellent aphrodisiac in its own way. Combined with some other herbs Ginger can be used to cure issues of erection. Not only is that Dried Ginger good for increasing the sperm count and also the motility of the sperms.

7] Contra indication:
The only contraindication of this herb that can be said is that it cannot be given to person who has history of gallstones, as ginger increases the production of bile in human body.

8] Side effects:
Be careful while giving it to any pregnant women especially those who are sensitive .Medscape the medical journal widely acclaimed in medical board says that ginger has no significant side effects to worry about.

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