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Gifts for Depressed People

People suffering from depression often feel it more severely around the holidays, especially those of us who live far away from our families. I live in New Hampshire and my parents live in Washington state. Needless to say we don’t often get to spend holidays together anymore. It’s not such a big deal because I am with my husband’s family who love me and make me feel very welcome and I enjoy being on this side of the country and my parents love being on that side.

You might think that someone down in the dumps would want aromatherapy candles or a funny movie, but nothing aggravates a depressed mood more than sitting alone in a bath tub or being unable to cheer up at something that should be happy. So how about a puppy? It might not be such a good idea for someone who can’t bring themselves to fold the laundry to look after something that needs to be walked several times a day. I know, I’ve tried.

No, what I want for Christmas means more to me than any of that. It’s something I thought of that would be meaningless if I asked for it. It’s more a memory than an item; more a piece of home than a home good. When I was little my mom would bake a certain kind of cookies only during the holidays. Most likely it was so rare because it was such a hassle, but I loved them so much. They are called Spritz cookies and are made with a press almost like a caulking gun that makes Christmas shapes. I would love so much to inherit it because Lord knows my Mom most likely does not use it with my brother and I out of the house. I would love to do that with my son, but it would not feel the same to just go out and buy the cookie press. It would feel like I was stealing the tradition instead of taking it over.

My point is that just any old gift is not going to cheer someone up. I could receive a Mercedes and, aside from it being really sweet, pardon the term, it would not cheer me up for long. If you are trying to find a gift for someone feeling blue this holiday season it really is the thought that counts. Give love, memories, togetherness, and time. The worst thing you can do is to buy an item you think will make them happy when all that is going to happen is that they’ll feel guilty when they never manage to use the home gym, or they feel too fat to wear the pretty clothes, or they just don’t want to go to the spa alone.

I suppose if I need to suggest an item I would suggest a snowball maker because that would get me outside playing without feeling frustrated that I can’t make the snow into a perfect sphere.